I Am 40 And Noticed Skin Wrinkling On My Arms And Legs. Is There Anything I Can Do To Get Rid Of This?

Wrinkling of skin is a common problem faced by a large number of people who are past their prime. As you grow older, the skin that covers the body tends to lose its elasticity and the skin becomes loose, giving a wrinkled appearance. This, however, is not a life threatening situation and need not cause too much worry. Wrinkled skin on arms tends to hang loose and give the fingers and elbow joint an extremely wrinkled look. Eating healthy foods and keeping the skin hydrated as often as possible will replenish it and give it a lively look. In the case of a person who had a large frame and has suddenly lost a lot of weight, the wrinkled skin tends to form folds in a number of areas.

The folds of skin should be kept clean at all times in order to avoid any bacterial infection of the skin. Wrinkled skin on legs and the rest of the body can be made to look better through the consumption of fruits such as bananas which contain vital nutrients and essential vitamins. Knowing how to tighten skin that hangs loose on your body is an essential part of looking younger than you actually are. Stress, pollution and over exposure to the sun are some of the other main causes of wrinkling of skin.

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How to cure scaly wrinkly skin after shaving arms?

Skin wrinkles are one of the most common signs of aging, but can also be the result of a number of other factors when it comes to younger individuals. Some of the causes for skin wrinkles would be excessive treatment of the skin when it comes to the use of chemically enhanced skin products, creams and lotions. Because of the fact that the condition is such a common one, there are a number of skin wrinkle treatments that have been developed all over the world that are known to be rather effective.

One of the best home remedies for wrinkles as well as sagging skin on the arms is to rub the core of a pineapple on the affected parts for a few minutes. Let this remain for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off with the help of some warm water. Another skin wrinkle treatment is to apply some paste of turmeric powder with sugarcane juice, using very much the same technique as you would with the pineapple core. This not only effectively helps get rid of the wrinkles, but is also known to be very effective in slowing down skin ageing. Lemon juice is also known to be a very good treatment option of tightening up the skin and should be performed at least twice a day for best results.

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Why does my daughters skin get wrinkled after she remains in water for a longer time?

Wrinkling of skin is a natural process that is experienced by every person at some point or the other. There are a number of causes for the wrinkling of skin, exposure to the sun and pollution that affects the skin, being the most common of them all. The sebaceous glands in the skin provide sebum, an oily substance that keeps the skin from wrinkling. After spending long hours in a swimming pool, or in a bathtub, the sebum produced by the sebaceous glands tends to get washed away, leaving your skin exposed to dryness and causing it to wrinkle.

In order to prevent wrinkles, home remedies, such as the consumption of fruit that provide enough fluid for the body to remain hydrated, are well recommended. Staying out of the sun and drinking plenty of water, while keeping your stress levels low, are other effective ways to get rid of sagging skin. One of the best known home cures for sagging skin involves the application of a paste that contains yogurt, sliced cucumber and aloe vera gel that hydrates and replenishes the skin, leaving it soft and feeling fresh. Drinking plenty of water and fluids is also recommended to keep your skin from wrinkling.

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Suggest some home made remedies for sagging skin?

Sagging skin is a rather common condition to be affected by and there are a number of factors that will cause the condition to develop in your body. One of the most common instances of sagging skin is just after having lost a significant amount of weight at a considerably fast rate. Wrinkled as well as sagging skin especially in areas like the face and arms, is one of the foremost signs of aging.

There are various sagging skin remedies that have developed all across the world since the problem is so common and widespread. One of the most recommended natural remedies for skin sagging is to cut and blend a piece of cucumber with yogurt and leave it on your face for a period of about 5 to 10 minutes before washing it off. Performing the same treatment with mashed strawberries is also considered to be a very effective method of loose skin treatment. Individuals who suffer from sagging skin as a result of losing weight too fast need not worry much as the condition would take care of itself if weight is lost over a continued period of time. Your skin will slowly readjust to the proportion of your body and thereby improve its elasticity not allowing it to hang loosely.

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