I have a lot of dead skin in my arms, it is red, blemish like dots on my upper arms, and I am not sure psoriasis, I have tried many things like rubbing my arms with sugar water, and scrubbing my arms with acne solution?

Spots on arms are usually caused by a skin rash. A rash is a generic term and does not indicate a specific disorder. When you have a rash, there are slight boil-like outbreaks on the skin. These are reddish and quite itchy at times. The area where the skin is affected feels very different and there is a marked difference between the skin here and the skin elsewhere which is unaffected.

If you have red spots on your arms is can be caused by various factors either an allergy, or an infection or an eczema which is a skin problem not caused by an infection. Whatever is causing the dead skin on your arms, try and visit your dermatologist immediately to determine the reasons and to get advise on the right kind of treatment. The symptoms of a rash on the upper arms include skin inflammation, redness, swelling and itchiness. This rash can either by scaly or just a mild irritation of the skin. Rash on upper arms and the back can be caused due to an allergy. If it indeed is an allergy, there are many medications available to get rid of the problem. An anti-inflammatory and an anti-allergy medicine can be taken orally and can even be applied topically. Irritating clothing, perfumes and cosmetic products and jewelry that can aggravate the condition should be done away with till the red spots on arms that are itchy go away completely.

If the rash is caused by eczema, then you need to keep away from excessively moisturizing that zone. If you have a pet at home, then check if you have impetigo, a contagious skin disease caused by animal bites and cuts. In this case, get the right kind of treatment from your healthcare provider immediately and avoid all kinds of contact with others. If you have dark spots on arms, you may be suffering from hyper pigmentation. Lemon juice, vitamin E oil and castor oil are effective remedies to reduce the dark spots. Sometimes spots on your arms and shoulders can also be a temporary rash caused if you have waxed, shaved or epilated that area. This kind of rash is not a reason to panic and will go away relatively quickly either on its own or by using a few over the counter ointments. Some women also complain of spots on arms after pregnancy. This is because the skin undergoes quite a few changes during pregnancy due to the fluctuating hormones. These spots mostly disappear a few months after childbirth and are usually not a cause for concern.

If you suspect that psoriasis and your skin rash are related, then it is important to treat your problem with the remedy most suited for you. Psoriasis is a skin disease caused to excessive build-up of skin cells on the skin. This makes the skin scaly, itchy, dry and red. Psoriasis can be quite painful and it is best not to treat it on your own. Fix an appointment with a good dermatologist to get it treated. In the meanwhile, you may try out some natural cures for psoriasis. Epsom salts, sea water, cabbage leaves, bitter gourd, aloe vera, vitamin E and oatmeal are all natural psoriasis treatment remedies. You may apply pure aloe vera gel to the affected zone. Do this overnight as well as after a shower. An Epsom salt bath is also advised for psoriasis patients. Soaking in a tub of water to which a cup or two of Epsom salts have been added will do you good. Seawater also has healing properties. You can either bathe in the sea if you live near the coast or can apply seawater to your skin. A cabbage leaf compress can also be applied to the part of the skin that is affected with psoriasis. Your diet should be rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is excellent for the skin and has restorative properties. If you are not able to consume Vitamin E rich foods such as almonds, sunflower seeds, oily fish and sweet potatoes, try taking Vitamin E supplement in the form of capsules. Having bitter gourd juice is an age old grandma’s remedy.

Natural psoriasis treatment including apple cider vinegar is also commonly used by many. Apple cider vinegar balances the pH levels of the skin. You can soak a clean and soft cloth in apple cider vinegar. This can be placed on your arms where you are suffering from the itching, dryness and scaling. You can do this or add apple cider vinegar to your bathwater and soak in this water for some time. Drinking a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water is also recommended by a few as it is believed to cleanse your system internally as well. Ensure that you maintain a good skin hygiene regime and see your doctor if your condition does not show improvement.

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Plant-based exfoliating scrubs help in removing dead skin. Are you suffering from any allergies? A dermatologist will be able to help you better, as a personal examination proves beneficial. For queries on psoriasis please visit our site.

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