My 10 year old daughter has a small cut on her foot its red and sore we've cleaned it and i soaked it in Epson salts and gave her amoxicillin. Will she be safe till tomorrow?

Usually these minor wounds and cuts get healed on their own, without any special medical care. Since your child is small, it is understandable why you feel upset. The foot is red and sore because of the injury it received and there is no cause for major concern. If the cut is very deep and severe, you should take her to the hospital so that a doctor can clean it thoroughly, and give her a tetanus shot if required, and dress the wound. If the cut is not very large, you can treat it at home itself. However, before you do anything, make sure that you stop any bleeding from the cut. Usually, it will stop bleeding on its own, as the platelets start to form clots. However, if the bleeding still persists, put a clean cloth on her foot and apply very gentle pressure for a couple of minutes. The blood flow will soon stop.

Now that the bleeding has stopped, the next step is to clean the cut. Plain water should be good enough for a small cut. However if the cut is slightly deep, an antiseptic liquid should be used. The cleaning is done simply to take out any dirt, dust, or debris that may have remained inside the wound. Check for any foreign material while cleaning it. You can use a mild soap. If you see any debris inside the cut, remove it with the help of clean, preferably sterilized tweezers. Be careful when using soap. Do not let the soap enter the wound. Only wash the periphery of the cut. Use only water to clean inside the cut. Rinse off the soap well.

After cleaning the cut, it is a good idea to cover it up. Use an antiseptic cream over the cut. Rub it gently, covering the entire area. Use some cotton and gauze to cover the cut. This is only to prevent any bacteria from getting into the wound and spreading infection. Change the bandage everyday so that the wound remains clean and make sure that any pus that might get formed is properly cleaned. When the wound is completely healed, you will notice a layer of thick, rough scab that is formed. Do not disturb it. It is only in place till your daughter's injury heals. Once healed, the scab will fall off on its own. Once the scab is formed, there is no need for you to bandage anymore. You can simply put some iodine tincture on the wound and it will keep infections away.

answered by G M

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