A cut has appeared between my big toe and ball of my foot, and the start of another slit is forming on the other foot. Since this is an awkward place for a bandaid, what can be done?

This is an awkward place to develop an injury. If you are at home you should ensure that your feet are bare. Avoid wearing constricting socks and shoes. That way you will allow your foot and the injury to breathe. You should ensure that the cut is always kept clean and dry. Wash the cut in warm water as often as possible. Use a clean cotton swab to clean the wound. After it has been cleaned you should pat the wound dry. You can use a hair dryer to ensure that the wound is completely dry and not likely to develop any infections. You should consult your doctor about the wound. After you have finished washing and cleaning the affected area, you can use the medication suggested by the doctor.

Keep your foot elevated and as far as possible ensure that you don't put any weight on the affected foot. If possible, you should ensure that you remain seated in one place most of the time. If this is not possible, then you should consider using a loose bandage to protect the injuries from the dust. Keep your hands away from the wounds and wear comfortable open sandals when going out.

answered by G M

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