Advice to get rid of protein deposits

Protein deposits can occur on soft or hard contact lenses irrespective of how well you care for your lenses. The tears in your eyes contain native protein deposits that collect on your lenses even after a day's use. There is also another type of protein deposit known as denatured protein deposit that is more opaque in nature and can affect vision if not cleaned off your lenses regularly. Not cleaning your lenses regularly may result in irritation of the eyes, disturbed vision, eye infections and in severe cases even impaired vision so proper care should be taken at all times. There are various ways of removing protein deposits from lenses such as:

  • Using a multi-purpose lens solution every night on your lenses to keep them clean and improve visibility. This type of solution is available at your local pharmacy or drug store and is fairly inexpensive. Most solutions can be used to clean, disinfect and remove protein from your lenses in one go.
  • If you notice small white spots on your lenses or you suffer from itchy eyes, it's high time you clean your lenses. If a commercial solution is not your cup of tea, try this homemade lens bath instead. Pour some pure white vinegar into a small container. Add special enzyme tablets to remove calcium and protein deposits into the vinegar and soak your lenses in this solution for up to 40 minutes. Clean your lenses with a saline solution to remove the vinegar and prevent stinging.

Other ways to prevent protein build up on lenses include:

  • Washing your hands with an antibacterial soap before fitting or removing your lenses. This helps prevent dust and oil from transferring from your fingertips to the lenses and blurring or smudging them.
  • When storing your lenses, always make sure the box or case is tightly closed. This will ensure that no liquid seeps out and your lenses are properly immersed in the cleaning fluid.
  • Replace your lenses and lens cases on a regular basis and keep a track of the expiration date on your lens cleaning solution bottle.
  • Keep the lenses for soaked for the recommended time (three to four hours or overnight) for the best results.
  • Do not use hair spray or apply make-up after inserting your lenses.
  • Remove lenses if the environment is especially polluted or smoky.
  • Schedule regular eye check up and visit your doctor every three months to check your eyesight and lenses.

answered by M W

Advice to get rid of protein deposits:

  1. Apply tea tree oil daily with a cotton swab on all the black spot and deposits of proteins.
  2. Aloe vera gel should be applied purely to the skin; this has proteolytic properties and dissolves proteins.
  3. A homeopathic remedy called as graphitis 30 5 pills should be given at bed time for 10 days. Then wait and watch for 1 month.
  4. Take another remedy after a month called as calcarea carb 6c 5 pills once daily at bed time.

answered by D M K

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