Reasons for cloudy urine color

Urine is liquid waste produced in the kidneys through the filtration of blood. This waste passes into the bladder from the kidneys where it remains until it is expelled from the body through the process of urination. Urine is normally clear with its color ranging from nearly transparent to partly yellow depending on the concentration of the urine. There could be various reasons for cloudy urine and this is a sign of some abnormality in the functioning of the kidneys. When an individual experiences cloudy urine, it is best to go for a medical test to check out the cause of this problem. It should be noted that only if the urine is cloudy in a few consecutive urination, the situation is considered to be problematic.

Any infection of the bladder or the urinary tract can cause cloudy urine and this would also be accompanied with pain. This telltale symptom helps with the diagnosis of the condition. Sometimes, during such infections, it is possible for blood to leak into the urine from the damaged lining of the urinary bladder or the urinary tract. When this happens, the urine may be cloudy. A thorough urine analysis will help to identify the agent that is changing the color of the urine.

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Is cloudy burning urine a sign of pregnancy?

Cloudy urine during pregnancy is a commonly observed symptom; however there may also be many other causes for cloudy or burning urine which should be correctly diagnosed. In some cases cloudy urine and pregnancy are connected because pregnancy tends to result in dietary and hormonal changes. In such cases, pregnant women may experience cloudy urine especially when they eat a large meal or dairy products just before going to bed. This is normal as the cloudy urine occurs because of the build of the phosphate crystals. Cloudy burning urine may also be a result of an allergic reaction to medication or certain foods.

If there is a case of persistent cloudy urine then it could be an indication of a urinary tract infection that needs to be investigated immediately especially if the woman is pregnant. This is essential because the infection may be a threat to the health of both the mother and the child. There are also plenty of sexually transmitted diseases that are known to have cloudy burning urine as one of their symptoms and these should also be treated before giving birth to the child in case of pregnant women. Cloudy urine during pregnancy may also be on account of proteinuria which is essentially the elimination of excess protein through the urine of the pregnant woman.

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Causes of cloudy yellow urine with discharge?

A person's urine is considered to be one of the key diagnostic tools when it comes to gauging his or her medical state. As a result, it helps to understand what the color of the urine indicates in terms of medical abnormalities that may be present.

There are a number of medical condition that cause yellow cloudy urine with discharge - of which the more common ones include sexually transmitted diseases, immune disorders and dehydration. Some people assume that yellow green urine is only likely to develop in cases where the urinary tract is affected; however, the coloration of fluid can occur as a symptom of other conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases as well. Unusual vaginal discharge will also usually fall into the category of being a sexually transmitted disease and should be checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

Any effective home remedy treatment options will depend heavily on the root cause of the problem that is the condition causing it. Once the root condition has been identified, you can search through a number of sources such as the internet or even your local bookstore for a variety of easy and effective home remedies to combat the illness.

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Remedies for yellow greenish vaginal discharge and itching?

The vagina is usually free from any colored discharge. In some situations, the woman may notice a white or pale yellow discharge. However, this is normal as long as the quantity of discharge is small. When there is an increase in discharge, it is a sign of some infection in the vagina or elsewhere in the female reproductive tract. Itching is another telltale symptom of there being some infection in the area.

A woman suffering from yellow greenish vaginal discharge should visit her gynecologist for a consultation. In all likelihood, this problem is caused by a bacterial infection in the vagina. It may also be caused by a fungal infection although the discharge would be whiter in that case. The treatment for this problem involves the use of antibiotic medication and, possibly, some locally applied cream or ointment. It is also very important to wash the area thoroughly when this problem appears so that any infected material is washed away. A mildly medicated soap may be used at this time. The presence of this type of discharge for a period of time should be a sign to indicate that the individual should visit a doctor for a checkup to find out the underlying cause of the condition.

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Cloudy urine can be a symptom for various conditions like bladder infection, pus in the urine, kidney stones in urine, urinary tract infection, cystitis, abnormal or normal vaginal discharges or secretions, kidney conditions like pyelonephritis, tuberculosis, blood in urine, or gonorrhea. The color and odor also depends on certain foods or drinks consumed.

Consult a specialist for exact diagnosis and any treatment will follow accordingly.

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