How to get rid of cyst on spine

Cysts on the base of the spine can be of two kinds. Pilonidal cysts and Tarlov cysts. Usually Tarlov cysts are detected through radiological imaging and are not immediately apparent to the eye. Asymptomatic Tarlov cysts generally need no intervention, but painful Tarlov cysts may need medication or even surgical intervention in extreme cases. Such cases are to be handled by a specialist and are not amenable to home remedies.

Pilonidal cysts are found at the bottom of the tailbone and become a cause of concern if they become infected. Pilonidal cysts may present in a variety of ways. They may be hair filled cysts which are asymptomatic or large abscesses which are infected. When infected the affected person may experience pain, swelling, pus drainage or fever. The cyst may cause pain while sitting or walking and pus or blood may ooze from the pit.

Asymptomatic Pilonidal cysts are usually not a cause of worry and certain simple precautions may be taken to prevent infection. These include:

  • Keeping the area surrounding the cyst clean and dry
  • Removing hair in the area by shaving or by using a depilatory cream
  • Avoiding the use of powders or oils or any self-prescribed herbal remedies in the region
  • Cleaning with a mild soap such as a glycerine soap
  • Taking five minutes breaks every hour or so and walking around when you have to sit for extended periods of time.

Infected Pilonidal cysts again, need to be referred to your primary health care giver as in some cases, surgery may be the only alternative. Even after surgery, the precautions given above may help prevent a recurrence.

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