Quit smoking phlegm

The buildup of phlegm in the respiratory tract can cause one of the most uncomfortable feelings and can significantly interfere with the ease through which an individual passes his or her day. Despite the substantial discomfort of the scenario, one should not ignore the medical importance that phlegm provides as it is one of the primary bodily substances used in the diagnosis of a number of conditions. In fact, a lot can be understood about the condition of the body by simply analyzing the color of the substance. For example, if the patient’s phlegm is significantly yellow or greenish, it is indicative of the body fighting off some kind of infection, remnants of which are likely to be contained in the expelled phlegm itself. Grey phlegm is likely to be expelled in the event the patient is continuously exposed to dirt and dust as part of the natural environment - very likely and regular in construction workers. Dark or black thick mucus is usually present in a person who smokes tobacco excessively and is very unique in definition. Because of the thickness of the substance clinging onto the walls of the respiratory tract, the affected individual is going to find it rather hard to breathe as well. This would give rise to excessive coughing in an attempt for the body to dislodge any smoking phlegm that has built up to a significant extent - thereby also causing a blockage.

Smoking phlegm is probably one of the most common conditions to suffer from. However there are a number of home remedies and simple lifestyle choices that will help you lead a healthier and more comfortable life. For example, Mix a couple of teaspoons of honey with a couple of teaspoons of grape juice and consumed at least three times a day. Doing this for a period of about five days will help soften and expel the mucus. It is also very important that the patient stop smoking completely as soon as possible as it will allow the immune system to heal - thereby triggering a quick recovery. Even after you quit smoking phlegm expulsion will still be present, but this is only because the body is still in the process of getting rid of all that additional tar that was inhaled during the years of smoking. To speed it along, you could try consuming the mixture previously discussed as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the course of the day in order to help liquidate any hardened phlegm buildup.

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