How does epsom salt help gout

Epsom salt is one of the leading treatments of Gout due to its ability to increase Uric Acid excretion through the skin. One cup of Epsom Salt in a warm bath right before bed time with a soaking time of 20 minutes should do the trick.

Other ways to help relieve the pain of Gout are through diet. A diet that is low in protein and high in vegetables will be of great help as will garlic, which dissolves Uric Acid. Drinking lots of water and tea is good also to help flush out the system and promote kidney health. Avoiding food that are high in sugar is important as is eating foods that are high in potassium or taking additional potassium supplementation. It is also a good idea to keep your weight down, even if you have to start a weight loss program. As much exercise as possible with Gout's painfulness is very good also.

Of course, staying away from alcohol, especially beer, is the best course of action for preventing Gout flare ups. Foods that can cause Gout to flare are: fish, carrots, celery, salt, gelatin, coffee, soft drinks, fatty foods, and fresh pineapple. These are all things you can do to help your Gout problem.

answered by R P

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