will soaking in epsom salt ease swelling and itiching with hives

Hives are a result of allergic reactions; the best way to prevent them is to avoid them. Try avoiding the allergen. Antibiotics, stress, skin abrasion, fever, excessive exposure to sun, strawberries and peanuts are known causes for hives. Food additives, such as sulfites, polysorbates and salicylic acid are looked for and completely avoided. Nuts, eggs, fish, chocolates, milk and berries are the other culprits causing hives. Heat induced hives is a result of excessive exposure to sun's rays. Cold induced hives are caused due to exposure to ice and other cold objects. Drug related hives are caused by aspirin and penicillin. Antihistamine or any other over-the counter anti allergen is taken. Scratching the skin worsens the situation. Wearing gloves is a good idea, especially in children, as this helps in preventing any scratching. Covering the affected area with loose clothing also helps. A cloth dipped in cold milk is placed on the rashes. Put two ice cubes in a cloth and place it over the itchy areas, thrice a day. One percent cortisone solution is an effective remedy. Avoid the causative object that triggers the situation.

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