Home remedy of kidney stone pain

Kidney stones are a fairly common problem that is often misunderstood. The condition is extremely painful and if neglected can be quite serious. Although most patients are given to understand that the stones can be gotten rid of quite easily, this is more often than not, not the case. It does take considerable effort and persistence to get rid of those kidney stones without direct medical intervention. These stones are formed from mineral deposits like calcium, and when they grow to a particularly large size they become increasingly difficult to pass. They also create more of an obstruction and increase the pain and discomfort. Stones of 5mm or larger can not simply be passed by drinking a lot of water. Simply attempting to flush out your kidneys will not suffice as the kidney stones may also need to be dissolved before they can be flushed out. The good news is that most of the techniques and strategies that can be employed to get rid of the kidney stones can be done at home itself. In addition to boosting your fluid intake you will need to make significant changes to your diet to include a variety of foods, and probably need to take vitamin and other supplements. Depending on the nature of the stone formations you will also have to avoid certain foods. For example, if you suffer from calcium stones it would be advisable or necessary to avoid most calcium rich foods such as dairy products like milk and cheese. lifestyle changes would also be necessary to effectively treat and overcome the painful condition.

Tips to treat kidney stones:

  • Increase your fluid intake. This implies increasing your consumption of water and certain fresh fruit juices like sugarcane juices and water melon or cranberry juice. The fresh varieties must be stressed on, as process juices contain little actual nutritional value, and are in fact full of synthetic ingredients. Also make sure you avoid consuming and carbonated or caffeinated drinks as this are counterproductive as they only increase dehydration.
  • Include adequate sources of fiber in your diet as well like fruits and vegetables as this does help pas the stones. You can supplement your dietary fiber with psyllium husk.
  • Include vegetables like spinach and asparagus and other similar chlorophyll rich green veggies, as they help flush out the kidneys.

It is also important that you stay active as physical activity can help to dislodge problematic stones that would normally be hard to dislodge and pass. Try and consult a dietician or nutritionist for a specialized diet plan, based on your needs and on your specific condition.

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