February 26, 2010

Home Remedies for Urinary or Renal Calculi

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Urinary calculi, renal calculi or kidney stones are solid crystal aggregations that are formed in the kidneys from the dissolved urinary minerals. The kidney stones usually leave the body through the urine stream and the stones that are formed pass out of the body without any symptoms at all. If, however, the stones grow to a sufficient size of say, two or three millimetres, they may cause an obstruction of the ureter. This blockage leads to a dilation of the upper ureter and the renal pelvis and it causes muscle spasms of the renal pelvis in an effort to expel the stone. This causes pain in the flank, lower abdomen and groin region and the condition is called renal colic. The symptoms of this condition include unbearable pain (often described as the worst pain possible), nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, pyuria or pus in the urine, hematuria (blood in the urine visible to the naked eye or under a microscope) and may lead to the development of a secondary infection which causes fever and chills. The pain usually develops when the stone attempts to move out of the body through the urinary passage and in this case immediate medical attention is required. The doctor will usually provide medication for the pain as well as to dissolve the stone.

There are, however, a few home remedies that you can turn to as well. Pluck fresh leaves from a mango plant and dry them in the shade. Grind the now dried and brittle leaves into a fine powder and store in a glass jar. Mix four grams of the powder in a glass of water and consume every morning on an empty stomach. The daily consumption of freshly made apple juice is also known to help as it helps prevent urinary calculi formation and if the stones have already formed, it will aid in dissolving them. Tender coconut water is another popular remedy for this condition and the afflicted person must drink the water of two tender coconuts every morning before breakfast. Take a walnut and grind it whole (including the kernel) into a fine powder. Consume one teaspoon in the morning and another in the evening for roughly a month for the results to show. Take a fresh beetroot and grind it to extract the juice. Drink thirty millilitres of the juice four times a day without adding anything else to it. Three or four almonds consumed every morning are known to help although it may take more than a month to show. If the pain is unbearable, the almond could be soaked in water overnight, peeled and then crushed along with rose petals to make a paste. Consume this mixture along with a glass of cold milk to ease the pain and help the stones dissolve.