Kidney stone treatment and diet

What happens if the kidney stones are not dealt properly? Any side effects?

There are several degrees of varying problems that can afflict you if you do not deal with the stones in your kidneys properly. Naturally, the worst side effect of the problem is that you may lose the use of a kidney altogether. But this would happen only in cases of the stones being present for a prolonged period of time, and left untreated and unchecked. But among other things, you may suffer from general poor health. Keep in mind that the function of the kidneys is to filter waste from your body and excrete it through urine. If your body wastes are not filtered properly, you may suffer generally raised levels of toxicology. This could be extremely harmful for your health. The presence of kidney stones could also result in extreme pain in your lower back, groin area, stomach and this pain could settle down permanently. Sometimes, people who have small stones in their tubes and kidneys also suffer from frequent and constant urinary tract infections. Again, this is because the stones that are already present do not allow toxins to get easily flushed out from the system. The stones themselves may also become coated with dirt and other elements that need to be removed, which thus cause the problems.

But it is also heartening to know that the presence of kidney stones need not necessarily involves long medical procedures or treatments. In fact, unless your problem is out of control, you can resolve it at home quite easily. One of the oldest and easiest ways to force the stones out of your kidneys and urinary tubes is increase your water intake to about 8 liters a day. What this will effectively do is start flushing out every small bit of waste matter hiding in the corners of your kidneys. As a result, this could also force the stones out of your kidney. Although the process of removing the stone via the urinary tract may be painful, the pain will be momentary and the relief long lasting. You should also remove processed, oily, excessively salty, fried and highly spicy food from your diet for some time. Instead, add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. This will help to flush out toxins from your system to a large degree. Some of the vegetables that are particularly useful in helping with kidney stones are celery, cucumber, white radish, spinach and asparagus. Plain club soda also works well to dissolve kidney stones.

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