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My son is 13 years old and I have noticed that he has slight breasts which are getting bigger slowly. What can I do because surgery is not an option?

What your son has are known as male breasts and the condition is known as gynecomastia. Since most men like to look good, in an age when looking attractive and fit is the in thing, they go in for breast reduction surgery. It is a corrective surgery. But since your son is a teenager and surgery is not an option that you'd like to consider, you might like to learn about alternatives like exercise and diet plans. But before we go into that area, let's understand what gynecomastia is.

Gynecomastia: Male breasts are composed of fat tissue and glandular tissue. This condition, where males have excessive chest fat and glandular tissue, making their chests look like female breasts, is known as gynecomastia. Excessive fat on the chest can cause a condition called pseudigynecomastia.

Causes: Drugs and alcohol is known to cause male breasts. Some also believe that when testosterone level is sub normal, it causes this condition. Some boys, like your son, can experience this condition during adolescence, and as a temporary condition. Too much of weight, bad food patterns and no exercise can cause male breasts too. Men might also get breasts as they grow older.

Gynecomastia and Surgery: Since male breasts occur primarily because of too much of glandular tissue, surgery is a practical solution. Surgeons excise the excess tissue through surgery. But surgery is not the first option for everyone. Any surgery can strike a chord of terror in the hearts of people. Going under the surgeon's knife is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. First of all, it is necessary to be healthy and fit to be able to take the impact of any surgery. And the second is the willingness. If you are not comfortable with surgery, do look at some of the other options.

Other Options:

  • Exercise and fitness: If your son has pseudogynacomastia, then exercise can help. Since this condition happens because of a deposit of extra fat, exercising can burn the extra fat. Working with a personal trainer can help as he can suggest specific exercise to tone the chest and trim the fat. Rowing, jumping rope and jogging can be good options.
  • Weight training: Men can also work with weights and use the bench press to reduce their breasts.
  • Male breast reduction pills: There are pills that a doctor might be able to prescribe that can work on the male breasts and reduce them. These pills are supposed to be made of natural ingredients.
  • Time: Since your son is a teenager, you can wait for some more time to see if the condition is temporary or it aggravates over time. Gynecomastia can be a passing phase in some adolescent boys.

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