What is the right procedure to insert a tampon?

Many women shy away from using tampons as they are unaware of the right procedure for using them and feel uncomfortable to ask anyone for advice. A large number of women go in for sanitary pads for this reason. However, tampons work in a similar manner as pads and are effective in absorbing the menstrual flow. They consist of cotton that has been pressed in order to take the shape of a long thin cylinder which can be inserted easily into the vaginal opening. Unlike a pad, the tampon absorbs the menstrual flow before it leaves the body. Tampons are readily available at all convenience stores and hypermarkets and also come in varying sizes as well as different absorbent levels.

When selecting a tampon, go in for one that is suited to your menstrual flow when it is at its peak. Tampons also come with either plastic applicators or cardboard ones. The plastic applicators are inserted more easily. Once you have your tampon, you are now ready to use it. Washing your hands before inserting the tampon is important so that you do not transfer any germs and dirt on to it. Then part your legs slightly and bend your knees. You may also find it easier to raise one leg on to a stool or toilet seat. Sitting down on the toilet seat may also be comfortable. Hold the tampon in the middle, with the string facing away from you. Tampons usually have ridges on them to indicate where you have to place your fingers. Your fingers should touch the applicator at the point where the small tube fits into the big tube. In order to insert the tampon in to the vagina, you need to part the labia folds and gently insert the applicator inside until the outer tube is completely inserted inside the vagina.

This may take some practice as it can be slightly difficult when doing it for the first time. Remember to relax your muscles because if you keep your body tense, insertion may become difficult. Also, when inserting the tampon, aim at an angle towards your back. Do not hold and push it straight up. Then you need to push the inner tube of the applicator inside the outer part and insert the actual tampon completely inside the vagina. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then it could be that it has not been pushed entirely into the vagina. You will need to take it out and using another tampon, try again. Once it is properly inserted, you have to pull the applicator out of the vagina, ensuring that the string is hanging out. This string must be used when removing the tampon after use.

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