I Hear That Drinking Milk With Lime Juice Is Beneficial For Piles. Please Advice On The Same.

Piles is a common ailment in today’s stressful age. Piles mean the inflammation of varicose veins inside or outside the rectum. If this inflammation is on the outside, it causes a lot of pain. If inflammation is on the inside, there tends to be a lot of bleeding. This form of piles is called bleeding piles and it tends to be very painful. Constipation is a very common side effect of piles. People suffering from piles usually get constipated as a bowel movement can be painful and such patients avoid it as far as possible. Home remedies and home treatments are the only real cure for piles. You can heal piles and piles pain only with home remedies. Soak a few dried figs in water and have the figs with that water first thing in the morning. Repeat the same process in the evening. After a few weeks the seeds in figs give relief to the swollen veins. Dried mango seeds, ground into a powder, are also known to help reduce bleeding piles.

There is a natural cure for piles. Most cures use fruits and vegetables that you will find around your house and garden very easily. The juice of a white radish mixed with honey or with salt, can be had up to twice a day. White radish ground into a paste and mixed with in milk can also be applied on infected areas. Juice of turnip leaves and bitter gourd, both are very beneficial for the treatment of piles. Ginger which helps in many other ailments can even help in home cures for piles. Onion juice with sugar is known to be effective in stopping bleeding in piles. A decoction of sesame seeds or sweetmeats of sesame or even just a paste of sesame seeds with butter could be really beneficial for bleeding piles.

Have some yogurt with ground mustard seeds in them. Drinking water that has had pomegranate peels soaked in it or buttermilk with fresh pepper and rock salt dissolved in it is a good remedy for piles on an urgent basis. Carrot juice with fresh goat’s milk that has been curdled is a good and quick remedy for bleeding piles. If the bleeding piles could also cause immense pain and therefore application of coconut oil to the area helps lubricate and soothe the pain. However one should remember that coconut oil is not a cure for piles. Powders of roasted black cumin seeds and regular cumin seeds in a glass of cold water is known to stop bleeding piles. An enema of wheatgrass juice with lukewarm water helps detoxify the rectum. For some acute cases, sitting twice a day in a tub full of ice water has also been known to help in treating the condition. The diet for piles is a simple and healthy to follow. The natural cures of piles include a piles diet with certain foods to avoid and certain foods to eat. If you are prone to hemorrhoids or swollen veins, the food you should avoid are largely fried and fatty foods.

The diet for piles treatment includes not eating spicy food. Piles also get aggravated because of chronic constipation. You should not eat heavy foods like lentils, meats, pickles and fried food. Foods you should also avoid include asafetida, jaggery, mustard oil, bitter melon and salt. You should include more fruits and fiber in your every day food. You should detoxify once every few months. Start detoxification by fasting for one day. Then slowly, start eating fruits only for at least seven days. After seven days, you can introduce vegetables into your diet. The aim is to make your stools soft so that they do not aggravate your rectum. Doing regular abdominal crunches and certain yoga asanas can prevent and stop piles.

answered by G M

Yes. the remedy querried by you is beneficial for curing piles. It must be taken empty stomach. the lime juice and milk must go to the stomach almost simultaneously. First take lime juice in mouth and gulp it down with milk. Start with half cup (50 ml) milk, 1/2 lemon juice and reach 1 cup milk with 1 lemon juice within 3-4 days.

Maximum benifit if milk is from indian cow (Bos indicus). If you get milk from other breed, say new jersey breed, you may add 2 pinches turmeric powder to milk.

If you are allergic to milk, you may take yogurt 1/2 cup and turmeric 1/4 tsp or 2 pinches, mix together and swallow empty stomach early morning.

With either approach, time to cure piles is about a week, and in 4 days you will see softening of the pain/bleeding/itch, whatever be the symptom.

You may continue for few more days. Yogurt with turmeric enlivens liver too! That is bonus!

answered by S B

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