My tooth is broken and my nerve is exposed, I tried to fix it myself using a temporarily filling kit but it has made it much worse, I cant take it out. My face is swollen and I haven't slept in last two days. Please help

Although people can bear a great amount of pain, dental pain is the kind that most people find extremely difficult to cope with. An exposed nerve tooth is one in which the enamel of the tooth has been worn away, leaving the nerve exposed. Exposed nerve tooth pain can be excruciating and is aggravated by either extremely hot or extremely cold liquids or foods that come into contact with the exposed nerve. A number of recommendations have been made on how to relieve a toothache. Age old remedies for toothache relief include placing a clove over the affected tooth, allowing it to be soothed and relieved of the pain. A cotton plug, dipped in clove oil and placed on the decayed tooth is another advisable method of how to cure a toothache.

When afflicted by a toothache, avoid the consumption of foods and liquids that have extremely high or low temperatures. Consuming chocolates and sugary foods causes the particles of these foods to remain lodged in the cavities, leading to further decay and increased dental problems. Making sure to cleanse your mouth after every meal is one way of reducing the probability of suffering from further dental problems, thereby avoiding any pain caused by decaying teeth.

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How to cover an exposed nerve inside the tooth that is paining?

Toothaches are definitely one of the worst kinds of pains to suffer from and can have a significant impact on the way you are able to lead your day. Teeth are normally exceptionally strong, but can chip, crack or even break under certain circumstances. The pain that occurs as a result of a crack or chipped tooth may come and go or may be constant - but there is very little you can do at home in terms of permanent treatment. Any treatment for tooth sensitivity is likely to bring nothing more than short term pain relief that will need to then be looked at by a professional.

One of the best methods of exposed tooth nerve pain relief is to put one drop of oil of cloves on the exposed nerve. This will considerably help alleviate a significant amount of the pain caused by the exposed nerve in the tooth. The other option is to get some kind of pain reliever from your local medical store. You can also try using some of the dental anesthetic gels that are easily available over the counter in any medical store. The pain is likely to be more pronounced when you chew with that portion of the mouth, so making sure that this portion of the mouth is not used for chewing while it is still sensitive is imperative for your well being.

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Please suggest some effective measures for broken tooth pain?

The main structure of a tooth is made up of enamel which is hard and sturdy, capable of biting through many different objects. Teeth may break if they are weak or if one accidentally bites something that is too hard. When it comes to fixing a broken tooth, the dentist will usually use a cap or a filling. It is almost impossible to repair a broken tooth because the structure cannot be strengthened enough to take the pressure of chewing and biting.

One can use either natural remedies or some medical option for broken tooth pain relief. Most people react poorly to hot or cold items being consumed. One can therefore rinse the mouth with warm water, holding the water around the affected area to bring some relief. In most cases, it is important to have the tooth replaced by an artificial tooth or cap so that it does not crack further. This is to ensure that nothing enters the blood supply of the tooth which could lead to a case of infected gums. One must therefore seek treatment for a broken tooth the moment there is any pain felt during chewing or biting as this is a sign that there is some problem with the tooth.

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How can a metal filling be helpful on a exposed nerve?

The hard area of a tooth is made up of enamel. Cavities occur when germs are allowed to infiltrate this area, leading to the inner parts of the teeth being exposed. Some people also tend to be more genetically prone to tooth problems. Tooth problems also occur when the diet is not wholesome and nutritious. The nerves join the teeth around the inner and lower part of the tooth.

When it comes to treating tooth pain one may go in for a tooth sensitivity filling. Fillings are done to add an enamel like substance to the gaps formed inside each tooth. The area will first be thoroughly cleaned following which it will be filled. This is to ensure that it returns to the original shape and that the gap formed is filled, thus avoiding the collection of food and germs. Metal tooth fillings are used to actually cap the affected teeth. This means that there will be a hard metal top on the feet. This allows the tooth to be strong even if the inner layers of the tooth are weak and compromised. The inner area will also be filled with the enamel like substance before metal capping takes place.

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Exposed tooth root is usually a condition in which the enamel of the tooth breaks or chips, therefore exposing the pulp in the tooth. The roots of the teeth are made up entirely of nerves, and as the nerves get exposed, all the sensations get magnified. An exposed nerve in tooth can be extremely painful. You may feel a lot of pain when you eat or drink something cold or hot. When the pulp of the tooth is exposed due to the erosion of your enamel, eating hard things may also be difficult.

There are many reasons why tooth decay may occur. The most common cause of this decay is infections in the gums and abscesses. Injuries to the tooth may cause it to break, therefore exposing the nerves. The exposed tooth may rot if the pulp of the teeth is exposed for a long time. The exposed nerve in tooth may often cause infection within the tooth. If the infection is not cured, it may travel to the gums, and from there, the bone may get infected as well. A broken tooth with exposed nerve should be removed or fitted with a dental cap. A root canal surgery may be performed to remove the exposed tooth nerve so that the nerves no longer hurt you.

Exposed tooth nerve pain can be really excruciating and may also prevent you from eating normally. If the pain is too much, you may not be able to chew solid foods. A lot of people lose weight because of avoiding foods when they are in pain. It is best to get yourself checked by a dentist so that you can get your tooth treated completely. You can use a home remedy for toothache to give yourself temporary relief; however, this may not completely serve your purpose. To deal with the pain permanently, you will need to have your tooth examined. You will also need to take remedial measures for these toothaches.

The easiest home remedies for tooth nerve pain are those that can be applied to get a few hours of relief. There are some behaviors that may lead to increased proneness to tooth decay. Recurring sinusitis infections, habitual grinding of teeth, migraine, nerve conditions, and poor oral hygiene are some of the conditions that can cause tooth decay and tooth nerve pain. It is important to avoid these behaviors if you are planning on retaining the health of your teeth for a long time. Exposed nerves in tooth symptoms include pain and discomfort. The pain can be excruciating enough to keep you up at nights. For broken tooth pain relief, rinse your mouth well with warm saline water every day. This will kill off the germs in your mouth, therefore ridding your mouth of any kinds of microbes. Salt and warm water are natural disinfectants. If you can, use this remedy after every meal so that your mouth is completely clean.

There are some over the counter medications that may help numb the nerves temporarily so that the pain in your teeth stops. Broken tooth pain relief can also be brought on about by clove oil. Clove oil is a natural anesthetic and can numb the nerves so that they do not hurt anymore. Though clove oil is the best exposed nerve tooth pain home remedy, use it with caution. Clove oil is very strong, and it may cause burns in your mouth. While applying the oil to the tooth use small cotton buds soaked in the oil and avoid bringing it in contact with your cheek or tongue.

It is important to know how to fix a broken tooth when you have one. If you have developed an abscess in your mouth, it is best to get medical treatment for it so as to avoid complications. Sometimes, there is phantom pain emerging from your gums. This is an imagined pain that is reflected from a hurting tooth somewhere else in the mouth. If you have a phantom pain in your mouth, remedies for exposed nerve tooth pain relief will not be able to help you.

Exposed tooth nerve pain is best treated with medications and dental work. Exploratory techniques are used to determine the exact cause of the tooth pain. Once the cause is determined exposed tooth nerve treatment can be more effective. For exposed tooth root pain relief, you may be given a tooth extraction or a root canal surgery. The doctor will take into consideration exposed tooth root symptoms and with the help of X-rays and other exploratory techniques, tooth nerve pain relief can be sought.

A home remedy for toothache infection and pain can only bring temporary relief, so visiting a dentist is a must or you will not only lose your tooth but also have additional complications. If you do not know how to fix a broken tooth at home attempting tooth nerve pain treatment at home is not advisable.

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