Root Canal

by Rachel Bhan

A root canal is a dental procedure that is designed to treat the problems that have developed at the soft core or dental pulp of a tooth. Several decades ago a tooth that suffered from an injured or diseased dental pulp was removed. A root canal is a type of treatment that saves the tooth from the damage and any further damage. One benefit of a root canal is that an individual’s tooth is saved.

A dental pulp is a soft tissue that contains blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves. This type of soft tissue is located within the tooth. The tissue extends from crown of the tooth all the way to the root of the bone. The root of the bone is connected to the individual’s jaw cavity.

Once the dental pulp is infected this will cause a painful and sometimes severe tooth infection. To stop the tooth infection the dental pulp must be removed or further swelling and pain can occur. If the tooth that is infected does not receive treatment then the tooth may have to be removed from the mouth.

The dental procedure for a root canal is performed on one to three office visits. During a root canal the dentist will remove the infected dental pulp. Once the pulp is removed the chamber and the root canal is then cleaned and sealed.

The restored tooth should last throughout the lifetime of the individual. It is very important to receive regular dental checkups to prevent further teeth from becoming infected. If the root of the treated tooth is nourished well from the surrounding tissues then the tooth will continue to remain healthy.

An individual who has had a root canal will experience a very short recovery time. This is a dental procedure that is performed right in the dentist’s office. An individual may have to miss just one or two days of work.

One way in which an individual can prevent a tooth infection or other dental issues is by regular brushing and flossing. Many dentists recommend that an individual should brush and floss at least three times a day. It is best if an individual brushes and flosses between each meal. This prevents infection, gum disease and tooth decay.

Our teeth are one of our most valuable assets. Everyone notices our teeth when we smile; sometimes this is the first thing that a person notices. It is very important to have healthy looking teeth.

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