I don't think I broke my little toe, but beyond bruised it, it looks like a blood blister is forming. Any info?

While it is impossible to be 100% sure if your toe is broken without an x-ray, some good indicators are whether or not you can move your toe and if you have feeling in your toe. Broken bones usually cause a kind of numbness. Regardless, a little Arnica lotion or oil rubbed on your toe will help with the swelling, inflammation, and pain. Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory that promotes healing. In case your toe is broken, it would probably be a good idea to “buddy bandage” it to the toe next to it with medical tape. This will help support your little toe so that it can heal properly. It is also important to take some sort of calcium and magnesium supplementation to help the bones and connective tissue to heel. Be sure to keep the weight off of your toe and avoid banging it on anything until it is healed. If you can, try to keep shoes off of that foot so that your circulation to the injured toe is better.

If your toe is very painful, you can take White Willow Bark as a natural painkiller. White Willow Bark works the same as aspirin and some say it is more effective.

answered by R P

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