Question on broken toe

There are many bones that make up a toe and an injury to any of these bones could result in a broken or fractured toe. Trauma or impact to the toe could be caused if you stub your toe or if something heavy falls on the toe. Continuous toe movements or strenuous activities such as during sports activities may gradually lead to stress fractures. When a fracture occurs, there is accompanying pain and swelling. A bruise may also develop at the point of injury. If the bone has been dislocated the toe could even appear crooked or bent. Walking and moving the toe will become difficult, this is especially true if the big toe has been broken. Wearing shoes or any type of footwear may also become difficult. Further stress on the fractured toe may cause additional complications. In severe cases, the bone that is broken may protrude though the skin. This is known as an open fracture. Care must be taken to see that no infection develops in the bone. A surgical procedure may be required to take care of the situation. It is advisable to undergo a medical examination at the earliest. The extent of the fracture can be determined with the help of an x-ray.

To ease the swelling and discomfort resulting from a fracture, there are a few things you can try doing at home. Once the toe area becomes swollen, the pain is likely to increase. Elevating the foot to a level that is higher than that of the heart will help to make the swelling and pain subside. You can do this by raising the foot with the help of pillows during sleep. Cold compresses are the best remedy for relieving pain and swelling. Ice may be applied to the injured area for about twenty minutes each day. A bag of frozen peas may also be placed on the affected toe. Be sure to protect the skin by placing a cloth or towel between the ice and the skin. This must be done for about three days on a regular basis. The foot must not be exerted and excess activity or exercise must be prevented. If the injury is bad, then it is better to use a pair of crutches for support when walking. This will prevent additional pain from taking place. Also, wear open shoes and sandals or special shoes to allow the toes to have enough space to move.

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Natural treatment for broken toe

  1. Do not try to pull and check if it's broken or not.
  2. Take 5 pills of the homeopathic medicine called Symphytum 200 three times a day every 8 hours for the first three days. After that take it only for 2 times and continue this medication for at least a month.
  3. Keep your toe covered with a band aid so as to avoid further injuries and keep it elevated to avert swelling. You can support your feet on soft pillows.
  4. Cover your toe with a thin cotton cloth and then ferment it with an ice pack at an interval of 2-3 hours. Whenever the pain or swelling aggravates, you apply the ice pack.
  5. After the skin has started to heal you do hot compress to the area if there is still some swelling or pain.
  6. Do not use soap on the toe and clean it with soft cotton dipped in lukewarm water.
  7. Avoid walking or standing for long hours till the toe heals.
  8. Wear open sandals till the wound does not heal.
  9. Try to take as much rest as possible and avoid putting any kind of pressure on it.
  10. Tie the toe with a soft cotton cloth at might so that it does not get torn again.
  11. Apply these methods and let the wound heal naturally.

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