Bruised Foot Bone Natural Remedy: What can I use for my bruised foot instead of ice to make the swelling go down?

A bruised foot can keep you at home for long. And if you are one of those who love to be known as outdoorsy, you can be quite sure of losing that tag for at least a month or two - courtesy: the bruised foot. Injuries or bruises on the foot need to be attended to immediately. Ice, when applied to such bruises, has been known to bring temporary and considerable relief. Ice imparts a numbing sensation to the area and thus brings down the swelling and consequently, decreases the pain. You must apply ice wraps to the affected area as frequently as you can. There is no real replacement for ice.

In addition to that, you must relax and rest more than you usually do. Also, elevate the foot to a position above your waist. Doing so will help bring down the swelling and the pain. In addition, wash the bruise with an antiseptic soap when you shower. Don't cover up the wound. It's best that it is kept open so that it can breathe. Covering it up might lead to the formation of pus and pus is very difficult to get rid of. However, if the bruise just lingers on, it's recommended you consult your family physician.

answered by G R

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