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To get anal itching relief first an anal itch cure should be prescribed. Itching in the rectum is a fairly common problem which is also called prutitis ani. This problem creates an unbearable itching around the anus and it is worse at night. Anal itch does not subside and itching often damages the skin in the area causing severe irritation and redness. This problem could be one which is sexually transmitted like herpes, Chlamydia and warts. hemorrhoids also cause anal itching with a rash and burning which causes a tear or fissure in the external part of the anal canal. This makes the problem worse as there is considerable pain in the area too. There are creams and ointments which can be applied and give relief. However, as dampness increases the problem, it is better to apply ointments and not creams.

As poor health conditions and a diet which is not balanced bring on anal itching, changing to healthier habits will reduce the problem. Poor hygiene is another cause for this itching and eating the wrong kind of food like refined foods which cause gas as this makes the rectum remain moist because of droplets of water being passed with the gas. People should ensure that they clean themselves properly after going to the toilet as this can set in infection in the area which will be a challenge to treat easily and effectively. As the skin in the area is crinkly fecal particles could become embedded in it and this should be washed clean after every bowel movement. As most infections set in when the area is moist, the rectum is very susceptible to infections as it remains sweaty and is moist with either vaginal or rectal discharge. psoriasis, fungal infection and itchy diseases of the skin are more rampant in the rectal area. Not many home treatments are effective with this problem and most often the infection sets in and is quite severe by the time the patient comes for treatment.


To stop anal itching the anal itch symptoms should be treated. Most people delay in getting themselves treated when they have these symptoms and this could only make the condition worse with infection setting into the broken skin in the area. Seeking medical attention will only help to clear the symptoms faster and heal the area. One of the reasons that treatment and medical attention should not be delayed is because these symptoms also indicate rectal cancer.

Anal itching in women is a symptom of vaginitis which is a yeast infection. The infection spreads to the rectal areas and causes itching in these parts too. Yeast infections are dormant in most women and come to the surface only when there is an increase or growth in the amount of yeast in the system. Most commonly anal itching is caused by the spices and chemicals which are there in the food which we eat and which irritates the skin around the rectum. The moisture in the anus also increases the possibility and frequency of such infections. Patients with diabetes who are prone to skin sensitivity and HIV are often suffering with this problem. Too many antibiotics also give rise to yeast infections and the irritation forms around the anus or vagina. Crohn's disease is another ailment which brings fluids which irritate the skin around the anal area. Some of the other more common problems which cause anal itching are hemorrhoids, fissures, skin tags and pin worms.


Anal itch treatment can be administered according to what the cause of the anal itching is. Once the cause is diagnosed the doctor can treat it and relieve the anal itch. As a home remedy protectants can be used which prevent further irritation in the area. These protectants form a barrier and prevent aggravating substance which in this case is in the form of liquids to come in contact with the skin in the area. This liquid is from the stool in the rectum. Symptoms like itching, burning and pain are reduced. Some of the protectants also have medications in them. These protectants are cod or shark liver oil, calamine, zinc oxide, starch, white petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, kaolin, glycerin, cocoa butter and aluminum hydroxide gel to name a few.


Remedies to relieve anal itch are initially for giving relief to the soreness and burning. When cleaning the anus one should make sure that the area is dry no soap is left to cause further irritation. When cleaning it should be done gently and toilet paper should be avoided as this could cause further irritation. Instead baby wipes and moist pads should be used. If there is stool incontinence then cleaning the anus in between stools would help to keep the area clean. There are several drugs sold at pharmacies which do not need prescriptions to sooth anal itching. When using these gels, creams and ointments only a thin film should be applied with the applicator which is provided with the tube. Always lubricate the applicator before use. Most of these creams and gels have protectants along with the other ingredients.

Local anesthetics numb the area and give temporary relief from the symptoms of pain and burning. These products should be used carefully only in the anal area and not elsewhere as they can cause allergic reactions. If you feel that the symptoms have increased instead of giving relief then stop using the product. It is always recommended that you consult the doctor on the use of these anesthetic products.


If you are wondering how anal itching is treated, it is after the anal itch diagnose. Other chemicals which give relief to anal itching are vasoconstrictors. They reduce the swelling in the anus by constricting the blood vessels and the anesthetic in them reduces the pain and the itching in the area. In case the itching is caused by pin worms a tablet to eradicate them will help immediately. The dosage may have to be repeated as per the chemists or doctor's instructions.

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Anal itching or Pruritus ani, is the skin irritation and soreness caused at the anus, accompanied by the desire to scratch. Keeping the area dry is an efficient method to reduce scratching. This can be done by application of corn powder or talcum powder. Presence of traces of detergent on the garments also result in anal itch. Regular change of undergarments is beneficial. Presence of intestinal worms might contribute.

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