what causes mild innner anal itch? And what are the remedies available?

An itching sensation around the anus is referred to as an anal itch. The anus is the outlet for the rectal canal. The itch may occur on the skin surrounding the anus or directly in the anus. This condition is also called pruritus ani and can be caused by various factors. The itching can also become intensified due to moisture and humidity, friction between the skin and the clothes or due to prolonged sitting. An anal itch can be an embarrassing and annoying problem, but it is advisable to consult with your doctor in order to obtain the appropriate treatment for the condition. Sometimes anal itching could also come with accompanying symptoms such as soreness, pain and burning in the area. The condition can be temporary or it can be long-term.

Anal itching is mostly a harmless condition. Causes of this condition could be dryness of the skin, excess moisture, diarrhea and rectal incontinence. Itching could also occur if there is a tendency to wash the area too often or cleansing the area by rubbing with rough toilet paper. Harsh soaps or persisting traces of soap could also contribute to this condition. Laundry detergents could also be harsh on the skin. Sometimes the itch could be caused due to the presence of certain chemicals in the foods that you may have eaten. Infections in the anal area can also be a trigger for anal itching. In some individuals, especially children, mild anal itching is caused by parasites that cause the condition of pinworms.

It is important to keep the anal area clean especially after bowel movements. Use a mild soap and avoid excessive scrubbing. While drying, use a soft towel and dab the area rather than rubbing it. Refrain from wearing tight clothes, especially tight undergarments. Do not itch or scratch the area as this could aggravate the condition. Avoid consuming spicy and greasy foods that could contribute to anal itching. Applying a dab of petroleum jelly on the area will help to alleviate the itching and soothe the area. Witch hazel is effective in treating itching and you may dip a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply to the anus. Soaking the area with warm water by sitting in a warm bath helps to enhance blood circulation in the area, making the condition better. A paste of dried and ground orange peels can also be applied regularly. Another good home remedy for anal itching is to take some peeled and pitted soap nut and boil it a cup of water. Mash this, strain and consume it for relief from an anal itch.

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Alternative therapy to cure anal itch

  • Application of beeswax will help curtail itching.
  • Even Rutin is effective in reducing itching and inflammation.
  • Apply an antiseptic lotion to the anus and when it dries off; apply a few drops of mustard oil.
  • You can also apply a little olive oil or coconut oil when itching increases.
  • Keep the anal area dry to reduce itching. After taking bath or coming out from the toilet, gently wipe the area with a soft cotton cloth. Apply talcum or corn powder to it.
  • Change your undergarments at least twice a day. Wash them thoroughly so that there are no traces of detergent left in them as they are responsible for causing itching and inflammation. If possible sleep without them at night.
  • Refrain from wearing synthetic and tight clothes.
  • Use moist toilet paper as the dry ones can scratch the area and aggravate itching.
  • Eat plenty of high fiber food and drink lots of water for easy passage of stool.
  • Do not strain while passing stool or itch the area with nails. Use soft cotton balls or a piece of cotton cloth and gently move it over the anus to ease itching.
  • Worms can also cause itching. Apple juice, grated carrot and garlic cure intestinal worms.

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