I'm pretty sure my husband has low testosterone. What are a few easy inexpensive remedies for this?

I understand that you want a simple take this answer, unfortunately that will not work. The hormonal system is a delicate balance of hundreds of hormones that form a dynamic balance. Adding one hormone or hormone prescursor changes the whole balance and will have many unforseen consequences. Instead a good homeopath can help deal with the underlying problems so that this and all other problems are solved.

answered by S W C

In case his libido has reduced or he is facing erection loss, then his testosterone may be poor. The glands underfunction and produce less hormones if insulin resistance develops. The reason for this conditions are explained trough home remedies through food items are also given. You will see that most are inexpensive. One additional one is: Soak 1 tsp fenugreek seeds in 1 cup water overnight. Next morning empty stomach, drink soaked water only, seeds can be thrown. In lunch and dinner, start with licking 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder in 1 tsp honey. Licking means apply to tongue and let it dissolve by itself in saliva. No hurry. let it take 5 minutes. Early to bed, early to rise and take morning walk. If he has darkened skin patches or skin tags in skin folds near joints (knee, knuckle, ankle, elbow, armpit, groin, neck) this is sign of insulin resistance, for which you may pose the question including the words insulin resistance.

answered by S B

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