Any advice is helpful. My wisdom tooth broke and now I have had a hole in my gum. I am in so much pain recently. Any suggestions on what to do

While toothaches are not really going to be a huge medical problem unless they reach their most advanced stages, they can be significantly painful and debilitating while also causing a substantial amount of discomfort to your daily lifestyle. Wisdom teeth, in most cases, are a whole new oral nightmare when they start to develop, although some individuals are fortunate enough to not be affected in the slightest. Complications arising from the growth of your wisdom tooth would range from an unnatural growth to tooth decay and broken teeth as a result of trauma. Sometimes the tooth may break as a result of trauma like physical impact or chewing on something very hard. In such cases, the enamel of the tooth crumbles and, like with any other tooth, a dry socket is likely to form in the gum. The hole in your gum, essentially the dry socket, develops when the tooth is extracted and the blood clot that usually develops in the area to aid recuperation is dislodged. This then exposes the under layers of the gum to air, saliva, liquids and food particles. In majority of the cases, the dry socket will develop about 5 or 6 days after the extraction – thereby exposing the bone as well as nerve endings.

Because of the fact that dry sockets are a very common occurrence, a number of effective home remedies have been developed in the world over the last few decades, to help people deal with the excruciating pain experienced. Clove oil is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies when it comes to dealing with dry sockets. This can be easily administered by simply dipping a small roll of cotton in water and then dipping the same piece into some clove oil before dabbing it over the affected area of the gum. The water will help ease the sting of clove on the gum. If you experience some amount of pain in the teeth around the dry socket, you should make it a point to dab them with the cotton swab as well. Another option would be to create a mixture of dry salt, turmeric and mustard oil and apply it over the dry socket to help alleviate the pain. This is also known in helping to maintain a good level of oral health care. Washing your mouth with peroxide solution is also known to be very beneficial and almost immediately curtails any pain experienced. However, you must make sure that you do not inadvertently swallow any of the solution.

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