What is the best home remedy for keloid scar?

Keloids or keloid scars are thickened dense nodules usually found in areas of the body where injuries have occurred before. They may develop in previously burned or lacerated skin, but can also develop suddenly on normal skin. In some areas multiple keloids may also occur. Tenderness, pain and itching may be experienced in these areas and the nodules may also grow to a very large size. Due to their unsightly appearance, many individuals opt for keloid removal.

It is not certain why these nodules develop in some people and not in others. Alterations in the cellular signals that regulate growth and development may be associated with the formation of keloids. However, this has not been scientifically proven as yet. Keloids are common in both males and females. However, it was earlier observed that women were more prone to them due to higher degree of earlobe piercing in women. Keloids are uncommon in the elderly and small children. It has also been seen that individuals with darker skin are more vulnerable to keloids. In some cases keloid scars are seen to run in families. Keloid scars are more likely to occur on the earlobes, shoulders, chest and back. Since the reason for keloids to develop in some individuals is unknown, it is impossible to predict if a keloid will occur after body piercing.

Individuals that have been affected by keloids before should avoid going in for piercing or elective skin surgery. Current treatments are not entirely successful and hence prevention is the best way to deal with this condition. There are also some home remedies that have been known to be beneficial in treating keloid scars. vitamin E cream helps to soften the keloid tissue and hence if applied twice daily will help to flatten and reduce the size of keloid scars. Calendula may be used to treat keloids when they are still in the early stages of growth. Calendula may be applied to the affected area directly in the form of gel or cream. This will help to promote healing and reduce inflammation. Lavender oil may also be applied to the scars daily to curb further growth of the nodule. This oil is known to rejuvenate the skin cells. It is advisable to use these home remedies only after consulting your doctor first. Refrain from picking or rubbing the scars as it could cause further irritation. Also avoid any procedures that may cause damage to the skin and lead to formation of scars.

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