My face is full with black flat moles. Please send me home remedy to cure it fast as it is very embarrassing.

While a lot of people regard moles with suspicious and revulsion today, it may be surprising to note that these very same black structures were considered to be marks of beauty earlier. In fact, if you had one on your face, the term beauty mark might have been used. However, the association with cancer is long ingrained and most people are naturally wary of moles. Furthermore, having a number of moles on one’s face can also be embarrassing for some people. The fact remains that moles are entirely too common but often most of them are not in really noticeable areas of the body. In the first place, one needs to ascertain that the moles are not some other kind of skin problem. Often people confuse this problem and mistake it for other skin trouble such as birthmarks. Moles have a lot to do with the sun as it is seen that too much sun exposure could pose a problem here. It is linked to the development of the same and in particular with atypical moles. These growths may also appear raised and can vary in color.

As far as mole removal goes, a dermatologist would have to be consulted since it appears that you have multiple moles. This is an important step because the mole would need to be evaluated and removal methods discussed. You will find various mole removal beauty solutions such as creams and other products. However, it is important to approach such mole removal products with caution since not only could skin trouble like scarring result but these might not actually remove the mole. There is also the possibility of leaving the skin looking pitted because of the removal cream. garlic is often used in home mole removal as is onion. Pineapple juice is yet another mole removal home remedy but there is no guarantee that these will definitely help in removing the mole. It is mostly two basic surgical procedures that are recommended in case of skin moles. It is particularly important to consult a health care practitioner when the mole observed looks unusual in some way. Atypical moles could have differences such as differences in color and also different size. The importance of this is the possibility of cancer which is increased in the case of such unusual moles. One should also be wary about any differences that might appear in a mole over time.

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