Is Caffeine Dehydrating or Not

by Sam Malone

The dehydrating effects of caffeine may not be particularly dangerous by themselves, but excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to other problems that can cause dehydration. By itself, coffee is a mildly dehydrating drink and when consumed in moderation, will not cause significant problems. However, if a person is a chronic and excessive coffee drinker, this may create serious problems in the long run. The first thing excessive coffee or tea drinking can do is to reduce thirst. This alone can cause the body to become dehydrated on a long term basis. Although a caffeinated beverage has a high liquid content, having large amounts of caffeine can go a very long way in negating is plus point. The worst reactions to coffee can lead to symptoms such as short terms memory weakening, weight reduction, hyper activity, loss of control of faculties and poor attention spans. This would vary from person to person and also according to how much is consumed and how often.

The physiognomy of drinking caffeine containing liquids is that the body will tend to produce excessive adrenaline, which is not a good state for the body to be in on a constant basis. This can lead to what is commonly known as adrenaline exhaustion, which means that beyond a point, the normal effects of adrenaline will also wane in a person.

The other thing that is completely dangerous is the cell damage caused by excessive caffeine consumption. Although this is a topic that is still in varying stages of research, there is ample empirical evidence to prove the case even currently. There are also chances that there can be some amount of DNA damage caused by drinking excessive caffeine and all related products. While this may not be detrimental to your daily existence, it will definitely make a difference to any children you may be planning to have. Which brings us to possibly the most dangerous side effect of excessive caffeine consumption - low birth weight. Women who are pregnant are often told by their doctors to stay away from coffee and colas. Both of these contain levels of caffeine which may be detrimental to the fetus in many respects. Again, this is a gray area of research which it is better to pay heed to. While there is no harm in having a daily cup of coffee to wake up, if there is any level of addiction or habituation to this practice, it is better to stay off it fro the duration of pregnancy. So as you can read, the least of the worries coffee can cause is dehydration. There are far worse things to worry about!

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