As told in your site of home remedies soak jujube leaves over night can you tell me what is jujube leaves named as in Hindi?

The Hindi name for jujubes is "Ber" or "Bor". It is a red berry that grows wildly in most parts of Western India. A variety of it is also available in orange color. These jujubes are very large, succulent and fleshy as compared to the ones that have red berries. Red berries are relatively smaller and have little or not flesh, sometimes having been picked only after they are dried. The fruit and all parts of the jujube tree are considered very useful in treating a vast variety of ailments and diseases. The seeds of the fruit are considered to be useful in treating and healing sore throats. The fruit itself is considered to be a blood purifier and an extremely rich source of naturally absorbable iron.

The leaves may be dried and powdered and used in a vast variety of medications. Usually, they are administered for medications that deal with curing diabetes and heart trouble. The fruit is also a very common snack. Sometimes, it is seasoned with salt and red chilli powder and eaten, other times; the fleshy fruit is had by itself. It is also used in various culinary attempts in all parts of Asia. Considered to be a very strong flavored fruit, it is also used to make vinegar and certain types of cooking wine.

answered by M W

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