I have a headache and red boils on my head and body

1. Boils are common and they normally appear on the scalp, face and could spread all over the body. There are several causes for eruption of a boil that could appear swollen, red and pus filled. Boils appear when an individual experiences some of the following factors such as stress, low immunity, toxicity, illness, faulty diet, poor hygiene and frenetic lifestyle.

Tips to cure Boils

The juice of an onion or few garlic cloves put on the boils will help to bring the pus to the head, break it and drain the pus.

  • Grind a handful of cumin seeds in water and apply this paste to the boils.
  • Applying a paste of turmeric and water to the boils will enable them to ripen and burst.
  • Detoxification certainly helps. Drink plenty of water and avoid unhealthy foods.
  • Finally, boost your immune system

In case of severe pain you should consult a doctor who will offer you antibiotics or advice surgery if necessary.

2. Headaches are the most common ailment people suffer from and remedies for it, is the most sought after.

If you experience regular headaches it is necessary what type they are - migraines, tension, eye strain, high blood pressure, and so, treatment can be provided accordingly

Here are some home remedies for headaches
  • Drink a cup of green tea
  • At the commencement of a headache place a piece of ice on your neck and place your feet in hot water. The intent is to direct the blood away from the head to cease it from pounding.
  • Juice of few slices squeezed in a cup of tea offers immediate relief
  • Prepare a paste of few sticks of cinnamon. Apply this paste over the forehead and temples for immediate relief.

Find many more useful home remedies and instant relief from headaches.

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