My husband has red boils on his face, scalp and back. It goes and again comes back. Please suggest a home remedy to get rid of the boils. My husband drinks Safi for this but nothing is happening. Please help.

Boils that appear on the surface of the skin are indications of skin diseases caused by the staphylococcus bacteria. Dirt that affects the hair follicles or pores by blocking them causes a build up of oil that is secreted by the body, resulting in a boil. If the boil begins to affect the underlying areas of the skin, it begins to form an abscess which could be rather painful. In most cases, the boils that appear on the face and neck begin as red blotches and then start to collect pus cells under the skin itself. It is also believed that toxins in the body manifest in the form of boils. Problems with the immune system, poor nutrition and living in unhygienic conditions are other known causes of boils.

The best recommended remedy to treat boils is through the application of a hot compress directly over the boil itself. This generation of heat within the boil causes it to ripen and burst, after which it can be cleaned and must be kept free from germs that could do further damage. The juice obtained from garlic is known to contain sulfur, which when applied to the boils will draw out the infection before bursting the boil, thereby cleaning it completely. Similarly, onion is known for its anti septic properties and when placed over the boil, will help to burst and cleanse it.

turmeric is a well recommended natural healing agent and when used in a bandage over the affected area, will help to draw out infection from the skin and enhance the healing process. Milk, turmeric powder and vinegar made into a poultice and placed over the boil, allows it to burst without turning septic. Toxins can be removed from the system by drinking a glass of water mixed with turmeric powder, thereby reducing the occurrence of boils. Blood cleansing compounds are recommended, and will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice will also prove beneficial, when it comes to getting rid of boils. Ensure that your body gets enough fiber through leafy green vegetables, and drink enough water to reduce the toxins that are produced in the blood itself. Another well recommended method of detoxifying the body is through the consumption of chamomile tea. Avoid the consumption of coffee and products that contain caffeine, as they generate heat within the body and are responsible for the occurrence of boils.

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It is unlikely that safi is going to help get rid of the boils on your husband's skin. Safi is an Unani medicine that is supposed to be a "blood purifier". However, there is not much evidence as to the effectiveness of such treatments. The appearance of these boils or blisters may in fact be a reaction to such un-prescribed medication, although this is unlikely.

The boils on your husband's face, scalp, and back are most probably due to some sort of skin infection. A rather common infection of the hair follicles is caused by a type of bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus, and this is most probably what your husband is suffering from. This bacteria is normally present on the skin without any harmful effects, but due to a variety of reasons it may start causing infections. The reasons include nutritional deficiencies, which can weaken the immune system, and inadequate levels of hygiene. This does not necessarily mean that a person is malnourished or unhygenic, but even a slight insufficiency may give the bacteria a chance to take hold. Your husband should therefore first of all be more stringent with his personal hygiene - he should bathe twice a day with an antibacterial soap, scrubbing his skin gently but thoroughly, and if necessary, have at least one change of clothes some time during the day. This is especially important if he sweats a lot, as bacteria thrive in moist environments. As far as diet goes, your husband should ensure that his diet is varied, with no excesses or deficiencies; fruits and vegetables are of course particularly important.

Apart from this, if a boil becomes painful, your husband can apply a hot compress for relief. This involves simply dipping a clean, soft cloth in hot water, squeezing out the cloth a bit, and then pressing it against the boil for a few minutes. You can do this till the water is no longer hot; be sure to wash the cloth immediately afterwards, so as to prevent the bacteria from multiplying on it. Make sure that he does not scratch at the boils even if there is any irritation or itchiness. Avoid using harsh soaps, instead switch to mild natural soaps. Similarly residue from detergents used in your laundry can also affect the skin as they contain harsh chemicals, so try to use mild detergents and wash thoroughly.

Since you mentioned that the problem has been recurring it would be wise to visit a dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Most mild conditions can be treated effectively at home with natural remedies, but an accurate diagnosis is necessary for any treatment plan to be formulated.

answered by M W

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