I get too many small boils on my back and arms which are red in color, itching and painful, which leaves scars as well. What should I do to get rid of these?

A boil is usually caused by an infection of a hair follicle and the surrounding skin. It starts off as a small red bump and over time, fills with pus. The pus formed is a result of the white blood cells that rush to the site of the infection to fight the invading bacteria. Proper care of a boil will lead to its clearing up without the need for medical intervention. It is only when a boil refuses to heal, develops in delicate areas or begins to spread that you may have to seek medical assistance.

Boils can be painful and itchy as in your case. Having many boils on your back could be a sign that the infection is spreading. You should consult your doctor before attempting any home remedies as you may require treatment with antibiotics. If the boils do not respond to antibiotic treatment after 2 to 3 days, then you may have MRSA. This is a type of staph infection caused by a strain of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.

Whatever the cause of your boils, there are certain steps that you can take at home to care for yourself and prevent the infection from spreading on your body or to others. These include:

  • Apply a warm compress to the boils and let them soak in hot water. This will help to decrease the pain and will make the boil come to a head. Frequent soakings in warm water will ensure that the boil bursts that much faster. Make sure that you use a clean sterilized cloth and that the water is not too hot.
  • Once the boil has burst, wash it gently using an antibacterial soap. Continue washing it until all the pus has drained. If the boil continues to ooze, repeat the compress and wash it 3 to 4 times a day until the oozing has stopped. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover it with a bandage.
  • Do not burst the boil with a needle as you may worsen the infection and cause it to spread.
  • Herbalists recommend the use of herbal poultices to bring the boil to a head. One suggestion is to boil an onion and apply it to the boil. Hold it in place for as long as you can bear taking care not to burn your skin. Another recipe is to make a paste of turmeric and ginger powder and apply it to the boil.
  • Wash your hands with soap after treating the boils. Wash your clothes separately in boiling water to prevent re-infection.


answered by M W

Treatment of small boils on back and arms-

  • Take 18-20 glasses of water per day. Urinate as soon as you get the urge. Do not control and suppress urination.
  • Take homeopathic remedy called Sulphur 1m 1 dose only at bed time. Then wait for 15 days.
  • After 15th day take another dose of the same medicine. Then wait for 1 month .
  • Just take 15 leaves of azadarichta and boil them in 4 cups of water to reduce to 1 cup. Strain and drink this early in the morning on empty stomach for 1 month.

answered by D M K

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