I am suffering from Amenorrhea from several years. My periods start only when i take medicine. What should i do that menstruation become regular without medicine. do gym excersices hav effect on it

Amenorrhea is a common problem faced by a large number of women. Amenorrhea is a health condition in which a female misses her monthly cycle for more than a month. Amenorrhea can be broadly classified into two types: primary amenorrhea and secondary amenorrhea. Primary Amenorrhea occurs when a female does not experience menstruation, even after she crosses the age of 16. This is not a very common condition when compared to secondary amenorrhea. Secondary amenorrhea is said to occur when a female misses her monthly cycle for a couple of months, successively. This condition though not life threatening in most cases, causes a lot of mental trauma and physical pain in a female who experiences it. Since the monthly cycles are highly dependent on hormonal fluctuations and changes, controlling the same is the best way out of this condition. Diet and exercise play an important role in alleviating this condition, as a healthy diet coupled with exercise can help maintain the hormonal balance within the body.

However, since you have mentioned that you regularly suffer from this condition, here is a list of other causes that could lead to amenorrhea.

  • Use of contraceptives: Use of oral contraceptives can lead to this condition. It is possible that women who use oral contraceptives may not experience menstruation for a period of five to six months, after discontinuing its use. This condition may also arise from the use of implanted or injected contraceptives. If this is the case then you are advised not to use oral contraceptives, as they can lead to many other complications in the future.
  • Pregnancy: Most often women experience amenorrhea due to pregnancy. Sometimes, women mistake an actual pregnancy as amenorrhea. You can easily check to see if this is the case with you by taking a simple pregnancy test at home. Pregnancy test kits are available at most drug stores.
  • Mental stress: Mental or emotional stress can also lead to amenorrhea. This is because when you are stressed the brain alters the functioning of certain hormones that regulate your monthly cycle. Once you are de-stressed and relaxed your brain will once again regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • Medication: The frequent use of anti depressants, oral corticosteroids and chemotherapy drugs can also lead to amenorrhea.
  • Malnourished: Being malnourished may also cause amenorrhea. This is because when the body is malnourished it does not possess the required amounts of nutrition to function efficiently, thus resulting in various irregularities.

The most effective way of treating this condition is by eating a healthy diet that includes iron and calcium rich foods, citrus fruits, nuts and seeds. Practicing yoga can also help you overcome this condition, as yoga teaches you to control your body, mind and spirit. This brings about a harmony in the body, thus ensuring proper hormonal balance. Apart from this avoid smoking and taking recreational drugs, as these can hamper the hormonal balance of the body.

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