I'm developing cauliflower ear, besides stopping the physical activity that I engage in which is responsible for its occurrence. Is there anything that I can do to control its development?

Cauliflower ear refers to an ear injury that commonly occurs among boxers, wrestlers and martial artists. It is caused by blunt trauma or injury that creates a blockage and hampers the flow of blood in the ear. Cauliflower ear is characterized by a bumpy appearance on the affected part of the ear. Early treatment is helpful in preventing more serious deformities caused by tissue damage. Wearing protective headgear can prevent the condition.

Here are some remedies that may be beneficial in treating the problem:

  • Heat a couple of garlic cloves until they are soft. Once they cool, smash one of the cloves and place against the affected ear lobe. Hold it in place using a towel or napkin for 15 minutes. Extract the juice from the other clove and apply to your ear lobe twice a day. Since garlic is anti-inflammatory in nature, this treatment will help to relieve swelling and tenderness in your ear.
  • Cold compresses help to alleviate swelling and ease the pain caused by cauliflower ear. Place a towel dipped in cold water or an ice pack against the outer ear. Do this for about 10 minutes, thrice daily.
  • Applying pressure to the ear may also help to treat the condition. Place a clean and dry cloth against your ear and apply pressure on the affected area. This helps to relieve the swelling in the tissues and also prevents internal bleeding. You can even keep the pressure on your ear by wrapping a bandage around your head.
An effective way of preventing permanent deformity is to drain the fluid from the affected ear within 48 hours of the injury. This can be done at your doctor's office and is a minor procedure. Your doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. Avoid draining the fluid yourself as it could lead to infection and scarring. In more serious cases, procedures to reconstruct the cartilage may be recommended.

Avoid training or engaging in physical activity while your ear is healing as any further contact could cause the ear to accumulate fluid again. Also ensure that you protect your ears during future training by wearing the right kind of protective gear. It's important that your helmet fits properly as one that is too loose may easily slip off your head and one that is too tight may repeatedly rub against your ear while putting it on and off. To reduce friction during physical activity, you can try applying some petroleum jelly to the ears.

answered by M W

  • When an ear is swollen and deformed due to repeated injury you know it’s a cauliflower ear.
  • To prevent cauliflower ear, wear a helmet while performing any kind of spots to avoid further injury to the ear cartilage.
  • Consult a specialist on priority basis to avoid further damage/infection and permanent deformity of the ear.
  • Draining the excess blood by an expert, treating the infection if any and connecting the skin to the underlining cartilage of the ear are the basic cures for cauliflower ear.

answered by S P

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