My niece who is 8 complains that her ear hurts, it is not pain from an ear infection, but something like a pimple in her ear, very painful?

Pimples or boils in the ear is not an uncommon problem especially in children. Small children also tend to scratch the insides of their ears with their fingernails. They generally do this when wax is lodged within the ear and is irritating them. Their nails can then graze the surface of their skin and this would leave it susceptible to infection and can lead to the formation of a boil.

You can use several home remedies for boils within the ear. These natural remedies will help to get the boil to burst open and drain. Once the boil has drained, the swelling will go down and the pain will subside. First you need to make sure that her ear is completely clean or else the area may get re-infected when the boil bursts. To cleanse her ear thoroughly, mix equal quantities of boiled water and Hydrogen peroxide. It is more effective if you use warm water. Pour this solution into her ear and allow it to remain for a few minutes before she can turn her head over and allow the water to drain out. This will help to get rid of the wax in her ear. After this, mix a drop of Margosa oil with about 5 drops of olive oil and put 3 drops of this oil in her ear. Place a warm moist compress over her ear and keep replacing it every time it gets cold. This will allow the pus within the boil to come to the surface and the boil will then burst. Use a ear bud to clean out all the pus and then apply a drop of turmeric oil to the area. Allow all the oils to remain inher ear for at least an hour and then make her lie down on her side. Place a cloth below her ear so that the oil can drip out of her ear and onto this cloth. Clean the outside of her ear with a clean ear bud to get rid of any excess oil.

Before you decide to treat her boil, make sure that you check her ear well with a torch. If the boil is deep within her ear, take her to the doctor. Do not try to burst the boil with a sharp object as this can cause further infection. To prevent boils in the ear in children, make sure that you teach her not to scratch the insides of her ear. It is also important to clean out her ear with warm olive oil once in two months or so as this will ensure that there is no build up of wax.

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