I have a couple of small moles or skin tags on my neck area. What is the natural way to remove these at home?

Moles and skin tags are not usually a cause for concern. They can be unsightly however especially when in the neck region. They can also be inconvenient as jewellery may rub against them and hurt. Here are some simple remedies to help deal with the problem:

  • Some kinds of moles can be a sign of potassium deficiency. Taking foods rich in potassium may help reduce the occurrence of such moles. Taking apple cider vinegar in its natural form or eating bananas may help eliminate a potassium deficiency.
  • Applying Apple cider vinegar to certain moles may get them to fall off. But it is not a good idea to try this remedy on moles which are in the facial area
  • Apply a solution of 2% iodine with a Q-tip or ear bud to the skin tags. Some skin tags respond well to this treatment and may fall off eventually. But if this causes redness or irritation in the area, discontinue application
  • Apply duct tape to a skin tag and leave it on until it loosens. The skin tag may fall off with this treatment
  • Another thing to try for skin tags is to cut off the blood supply. Tie a short piece of string around the tag and leave it that way for a week. The skin tag may fall off due to lack of blood supply
  • Apply some Vitamin E oil to the skin tag and then stick a bandaid on it. Wait until the bandaid loosens. If the skin tag does not come off in the first try, keep up the treatment for a few days.

In addition, wear sunscreen while outside , as direct sunlight can cause the appearance of fresh moles.

answered by S E

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