Almost all women have faced the problem of hair loss at some point of time in their life. Many of course won’t admit to it because it is considered embarrassing. However, hair loss continues to be a reality for many women who struggle with the problem and grieve their thinning hair. Wigs and hair pieces are commonly used to hide signs of hair loss. There are also those who style their hair differently to conceal their loss of hair. No matter what they do, this problem is one that keeps weighing on the mind and makes one extremely irritable to any mention of it. Fortunately, for most women, this hair loss is not permanent. The hair almost always comes back in the same manner that it began to thin out. This fall in hair is mostly a reflection of our physical and mental health.

When the body is undergoing stress due to physical or emotional circumstances, it has a great impact on our hair. We either start losing our hair or it starts to grow white. Any compromise in the nutrition and nourishment of the body can lead to hair loss. Serious illnesses that require strong medicines and radiation therapies can also cause hair loss. Another common cause for hair loss is the under activity of the thyroid gland. This usually causes the hair to become brittle and thin out because of wear and tear and other damage. Excessive exposure to the sun and chemicals like bleach, chlorine, and other dyes also lead to a lot of hair loss. Scalp infections caused by fungi can cause temporary loss of hair too.
In males, the androgenic hair loss, caused by hormones is quite common. This same problem has been seen in women too. Women do have male hormones, though less in volume and quantity. These hormones have important roles to play in the normal functioning of the body. With increased doses of estrogen, you might be able to counter the hair loss due to the male hormones. Another way to tackle this particular problem is by blocking the male hormones through a hormone replacement therapy.

With the physical causes, the emotional causes also have a great role to play in hair fall. Depression and anxiety have been noted as causes for severe hair loss. A lot of people have the habit of pulling at their hair when they are nervous or anxious. This can lead to a natural thinning of hair and can induce hair loss.

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Hormonal changes can cause hair loss in a woman. Hormonal changes can occur during different stages of life such as pregnancy, menopause, or by taking bill control pills and even because of stress. It is normal to shed some amount of hair daily (about 50-100). But sometimes we can lose hundreds of hair in a day. This can also happen due to crashing dieting during rapid weight loss, severe dandruff or after a surgery. Deficiency of certain nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc and protein can speed up hair loss as well.


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