I am 30 years old woman and am having hair thinning. It is more prominent in the front part. I fear as if I may become bald. I am feeling very much depressed. I used to have very bouncy hair before. Please advice.

Hair thinning is a common problem faced by many especially for women. Most of the women today are complaining about hair fall and hair thinning. If you also have the same problem, then I have the best solutions for you. Here are some of the most helpful and natural cures for hair thinning:

  • Take pigeon peas and prepare a hair thinning lotion. This lotion can be applied on the scalp to reduce the activity of hair fall.
  • Prepare a mixture of lime seeds and black pepper. Apply this mixture of the scalp mainly on the bald areas. This will effectively help you in improving circulation and stimulating hair growth activity.
  • Rubbing essential oils such as olive oil, chamomile oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, lemon oil and aloe vera gel are also helpful in curing hair thinning. These essential oils also leave behind a great fragrance.
  • Rubbing the scalp with raw onions can also prove to be fruitful in inhibiting the activity of hair fall and hair thinning.
  • Application of honey can stimulate hair growth.
  • Combination of juice extracted from spinach and lettuce is also a good natural treatment for thinning hair. This combination of juice helps in providing the essential nutrients to the scalp and thereby promotes hair growth.

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