How to increase my body weight? Now I am twenty years old, weight 40kg?

Healthy body weight is measured keeping in mind three important factors: age, weight and height. This method of calculating weight is also known as BMI or body mass index. The BMI of a person according to this method is calculated as: his/her weight divided by the square of his/her height. Therefore, before deciding to increase your weight it would be helpful if you checked your BMI, in order to find out what your ideal weight should be in relation to your height. You can check for this by referring to online BMI calculators or by simply consulting with your family doctor.

Once you know how much weight you need to gain, you can follow these simple weight gain suggestions:
  • The fastest and unhealthiest way to gain weight is by eating large amounts of unhealthy fats. While not all fats are bad, junk food mostly consist of Trans fats and saturated fats. These can help to speed up weight gain, but they have serious repercussions and so they should be avoided.
  • On the other hand you could increase your dietary intake of healthy fats by consuming healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids. This can be found plentifully in fish. Other sources rich in omega 3 are walnuts, flaxseeds, Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Cabbage and spinach. Milk and cheese are also rich sources of fat and should be included in generous amounts in your diet. A word of caution here, although soymilk is sometimes recommended for weight gain, it has very serious long term repercussions such as an increased risk of cancer and infertility. If you are already consuming soymilk, you may consider stopping its use immediately.
  • The best way to gain weight is by increasing your daily calorie intake. You can do this by maintaining a diet and nutrition chart. Consuming healthy foods that are rich in multivitamins and minerals, rather than relying on supplements, will help you gain weight healthily, and at the same time make sure that your body is provided with all the essential vitamins and minerals it requires.
  • Proteins in the form of lean meat and eggs are effective weight enhancing foods. If you are vegetarian, you could increase your protein intake by eating beans, lentils, tofu, Peanut butter, yogurt, nuts and seeds.
  • Increasing your intake of calcium and iron is equally important, as they are important minerals when it comes to body development.
  • All the above suggestions for weight gain would prove futile if it is not complemented with a healthy amount of exercise. Weight training will help you build your muscles, thus providing the body with a definite shape.

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