How do I help my 7 years old daughter to lose weight especially when she is not interested in exercise. Main concern is fat tummy?

Encouraging your daughter to eat healthy is one of the basic steps that you can take in order to help her lose weight. Exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories so even if she does not respond to it positively try and get her to perform some or the other kind of physical activity that requires effort. Apart from cutting calories and counting carbohydrates it is important to set a good example to your child in regards to a healthy lifestyle. The best way to help a child lose weight is to make reasonable changes to the child's diet. Start by measuring the child's weight. A pound is about as much as 3400 calories. Therefore for example if your daughter putting on a pound every other week then you will have to cut down her diet intake by 3400 calories a week. However such a large amount of weight gain is very rare among kids.

Monitoring your daughter's diet for about a week will allow you to make out where she is consuming those extra calories. Once you have identified the problem foods; start substituting them with healthy alternatives. Say for example has your child drink low fat milk as opposed to normal milk. An important point to note is that you should never compare your child's physical condition with another child.

This destroys the child's self- esteem and makes it hard for the child to want to get better at anything. This could also include the factor of losing weight. Avoid bringing up the topic of losing weight constantly whether it is your own concern about losing weight or a concern for your child's weight loss. Make sure your child eats her meals on time and that she eats a good portion of healthy food as sudden dieting will never yield any results. Along with this make sure that your child eats a healthy amount of fruits, vegetables as well as beans and pulses as they are low in fat. Along with being low in fat they also provide the body with the proper nutrients that are required for the early years of growth. If your child is not interested in exercise try out a different activity that involves fun and physical effort as well. This will not only make your child happy but also strengthen the bond that exists between parent and child in the early years.

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