Lighten Stretch Marks & Complexion Using Natural Treatments

The first thing you should know is that if you have naturally dark skin, you will only succeed in lightening it to an extent and no more. This means that you may be able to lighten it by a few shades. To expect a miraculous whitening of dark skin is incorrect as well as impossible. The second fact that you should be aware of is that stretch marks cannot be removed using any method except surgery. If your stretch marks are particularly dark, their dark color can be lightened. But you will not be able to get rid of the marks completely. It is better to be aware of these things before you begin treating yourself for them with unrealistic hopes and aspirations. In order to deal with stretch marks, you can simply make it a daily habit to massage the entire area where the marks are rampant with pure vitamin E oil. This is the best natural product you can use to lighten their color. If you cannot find this, you can also use aloe vera gel to lighten your stretch marks. This will also work wonders when used repeatedly and regularly over a long period of time.

In order to take care of the dark complexion of your body, there is one thing you should know before you begin. Be aware that it is a completely natural thing for your body to be dark when compared to your face. Usually, we focus on looking after the face to a very large extent, not concentrating on the rest of the body so much. This tends to leave the rest of the body several shades lighter than the face. For instance, if you go for a facial, you will not treat your arms and legs to a corresponding massage. In order to equalize the color of the rest of your body with that of your face, all you would have to do is pay a little bit of attention to your body as well. The first order of the day to take care of darkness and uneven pigmentation is to tone your skin. Use tomato juice generously applied and rubbed into your skin for this purpose. You can also use buttermilk to scrub out your arms and legs. This will also help to remove tanning from the particularly dark areas of the body. Make it a rule to always apply a layer of sun screen before you step out of the house.

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