my skin was very fair but now I am having dark circles and dark skin due to sun burn what should I do?

Dark circles and sunburn are unrelated problems, so I am not too sure if you mean that you suffer from dark circles and a darkening of the skin due to sunburn as well, or if you have experienced sunburn that has caused a darkening of the skin, particularly around the eyes.

Dark circles are caused due to a thinning of the skin under the eyes, and is a common feature of the natural aging process. Allergies and heredity are also known to cause the appearance of dark circles. Fluid retention, dietary deficiency of irons, and dehydration are some of the other causes of sleep disorders. In otherwise healthy individuals, a lack of sleep and fatigue and fatigue can contribute to the problem. Dark circles are very undesirable as they add years to your appearance, and can make you look old and exhausted.

You can reduce the severity of these dark circles with some simple home remedies:

  • Make sure that you consume adequate amounts of water.
  • Since you have also suffered from sunburn it is very likely that your dark circles were accentuated by the tanning effect. Protect your skin from sunburn in the future by wearing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least thirty. Make sure that you don’t just apply this on your torso and limbs, but also on your face.
  • Sleep is essential for any improvement of this condition, so make sure you get adequate rest.
  • Cut down on your intake of dietary salts as they will contribute to fluid retention.
  • Make sure you follow a healthy balanced diet, as your skin does need nourishment to stay healthy and also for protection against any damage.

Sunburn is an extremely common problem during the summer months, and you need to protect yourself adequately against it. Protection is the most important remedy as the darkening of your skin can not fade away if there is sustained exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen lotions and protective clothing can help significantly when you're in the outdoors. A cap or hat or even a parasol can help shield your face and the eyes from sunlight. Try not to venture out during the afternoons as UV radiation tends to be highest at these times.

In addition to protecting your skin, you can use some natural remedies to try and lighten the skin and reduce the effects of darkening. Potato juice is known to work as a lightener, and can reduce any blemishes and dark spots and lighten your skin color. You can either apply the juice or simply place slices on the affected skin. Cold cucumber slices placed on the skin can have a similar effect, and would be particularly relaxing for the dark circles. A paste made with turmeric powder and milk can also be used to reduce the tan. Keep in mind that darkening of your skin from tanning is a natural process, and if there is no further exposure, your skin will gradually lose the tan and regain its normal color.

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