Alternative cures for nail breaking

I have hair loss and nail breaking problems.My nails breaks from side way after two or three days . Plz help me .

Nail breakage and constant hair loss is usually a sign of low protein consumption. In particular, your body is lacking in keratin. Keratin is what helps your nails harden and strengthens your hair shaft from root to tip. Nails and hair are also considered an instant indicator of your health. So if your hair is brittle and dry and your nails are turning yellow and break often, then you might not be in the best of health.

Frequent cause for this combination is dieting. Diets primarily rule out fat and high intensity protein. Therefore though you may be able to achieve your desired weight through diet, your hair and nails will suffer as a result of it. Nutritional deficiencies are what primarily show up through deteriorating health of hair and nails. Other main causes of bad health of nails and hair loss include stress, vitamin deficiencies, anaemia, and thyroid disorders and of course treatments like radiation or chemotherapy.

To improve nail and hair health you need to eat healthy and stay stress free. It is important to eat a balanced diet with adequate amount of fat and protein and a good deal of vitamins and minerals. Lack of any one component can have dire effects on the texture and sheen of both. Include more corn, eggs and spinach along with nuts and olives in your diet for good hair. Fish, flax seeds, cauliflower, almonds and broccoli will help improve the texture of your nails

Trying to live a stress-free life includes dealing with the problem areas, not ignoring them and bringing in a regular exercise component. All that exercising also helps the body restore its balance and bring good health to hair and nail.

Apply a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice on your nails every night before sleeping. Massage of oil like coconut, olive, almond, or jojoba into your scalp. Oil massages stimulate your scalp and provide nourishment to weak roots. Aromatherapy has many oils, when mixed with base oils they, can work wonders for your hair. These oils can also be used in water as a soak for your nails.

Most of these remedies are for generic problems that can be easily identified. If your problems continue to persist despite lifestyle changes, then you should seek a doctor’s opinion. It could be a more serious, underlying problem.



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Sounds like a thyroid problem.  and Sometimes the test does NOT show a problem. It is better you see a doctor/ meds which will clear up the cause.

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