Home remedies for dark circles and puffy eyes

Eyes are considered to a person's best asset and are often referred to as windows to the world we see around us and the windows to our souls. Apart from the romantic connotation, eyes are important because they help our brains in processing information. Hence, this integral part of the body needs special care as it reflects the condition of the entire state of the body. Dark circles and puffy eyes tell us that all is not well in the body. It could mean many things of which lack of sleep, exhaustion, excess amount of alcohol in the blood stream, dehydration, and medication are the most common reasons.

Dark circles and puffy eyes can also be socially embarrassing as they become tell-tale signs that something's wrong. More about dark circles and puffy eyes. Dark circles are indicative of a person's essential health condition, and it is important that care is taken to prevent and cure dark circles. Puffy eyes are formed when fluids build-up in the tissues surrounding the eyes. The cause of dark circles around eyes can be also heredity or due to lack of vitamins and minerals, changes in weather conditions, hormones, and toxins in the body. Puffy eyes can cause irritation, redness, and at times the puffiness can make it difficult to even open the eyes. In case of illnesses too, dark circles and puffy eyes can affect a person. General allergies and allergic reactions to medications too cause dark circles and puffy eyes.

Are there remedies? Home remedies for dark circles and puffy eyes are simple and easily available. They are extremely beneficial in remedying the condition. The first step to cure dark circles under the eyes is to eat a healthy diet and keep your body well hydrated. You can do this by consuming more green leafy vegetables and fruits. These are rich in vitamins and minerals and help in flushing out toxins from the body. Fresh fruit juices also go a long way in keeping the body well-hydrated and improving the skin around the eyes. You should avoid foods that have too much oil content, refined sugars, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and smoking. Also, eat less salt in your food as sodium triggers the retention of excess water. You also need to get plenty of rest and sleep, which is essential to refuel the body after a hard day and to restore strength. If you are allergic to certain medication or drugs, find out from your physician if there are any alternatives. If allergic to certain foods, avoid them by noting what exactly causes your dark circles and puffy eyes. Another trick is to keep your head raised when you sleep, as this will help in draining the fluids from the capillaries around the eyes.

There are also plenty of natural remedies for dark circles under the eyes. As the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, you can gently massage the eyes and the skin around the eyes with almond or olive oil. This will nourish and improve blood circulation in the area. Splashing cold water on the eyes will also help reduce puffy eyes. To get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes mix tomato and lemon juice and apply it on the eyes. Cucumber or potato slices can also be placed on the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. You can do this twice or thrice in a day. Lemon and honey also help in clearing dark circles. Turmeric powder can be mixed along with lemon and honey to cleanse the skin and cure dark circles under eyes.

Lavender floral water, chamomile, or tea bags are also good natural remedies for dark circles and puffy eyes. Castor oil is an excellent home remedy for dark circles and puffy eyes. Apply it on the eyes and around them and leave it overnight for best results. A drop of it in each eye will also help in clearing any impurities within the eyelids. Massaging the scalp with olive or coconut oil will help to cure dark circles and puffy eyes as it helps in removing excess heat from the body. Every day, set aside a few minutes to take cares of your eyes and you will be able to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. If the problem persists, you must consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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For Dark Circles:

Tomato juice, lemon juice and turmeric help to lighten circles around the eyes.

For Puffy Eyes:

Please read my answer to a similar question. You will benefit from reading articles on our site on how to treat puffy eyes. Cucumber and potato can be used to your advantage.

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