Has anyone heard of using beauty berries for arthritis

The use of beautyberries typically has been limited to functions such as insect repellant. It is the American beautyberry which is known for this property and has been used to keep mosquitoes at bay. It has sometimes been used in the production of wines, but it is highly unlikely that beautyberries have been utilized in the treatment of arthritis. One also has to realize that arthritis is not just a single problem, since one will find more than a hundred categories of arthritis. For instance, older women typically have to face the form known as osteoarthritis, more than older men. With middle aged people, it is usually rheumatoid arthritis that one has to worry about. Even in this case, it is typically women more than men who are likely to develop this arthritis. Also, the effect it has and the symptoms noticed with this arthritis tend to differ from person to person. It helps to understand the kind of arthritis that you are facing. This should help you get a better idea of what you are dealing with and what home remedies and treatments you can use to combat that kind of arthritis. The different forms of arthritis can have different causal factors which must be addressed if one were to attempt to treat it. The home remedies and dietary modification that might be necessary would depend on the underlying causes.

Arthritis care has a lot to do with learning to manage the symptoms of arthritis at home. The aches associated with this problem can often be relieved by the person opting for a warm bath. Heat has often been employed to deal with various kinds of aches. The heat radiating from different measures, such as a warm bath, usually eases one’s body and causes the pain to lessen. At the same time, one has to remember that cold compresses might have more of an effect on certain heated joints. obesity is typically a contributing factor which results in arthritis and must be tackled. It would help to lose weight since this would effectively mean less pressure on your already inflamed joints. One typically needs to fully understand one’s condition before attempting even the most basic home treatments since these can inadvertently cause further complications. For instance a cold compress, which might provide relief in some instances of specific inflamed joints, should not be used if one is affected by certain disorders like Raynaud's Phenomenon.

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