Is there a home remedy for skin tags?

While a skin tag may appear alarming and could cause people to worry about the possible effects of this flap of tissue, one need not worry so much about any ill effects on one’s health. Having said this, skin tags can mar a person’s appearance as this flap tends to hang off our body by means of a connecting stalk. These are acrochordons and are amazingly quite common. The formation of a skin tag takes place below one’s skin surface. Although such tags are usually rather small, they can be prominent and even reach the size of big grapes. They usually start off as small bumps along the surface of the skin. In addition to this, irritation can occur when these come to be rubbed by items such as jewellery or even clothing. Chafing can thus be a real problem when one has this skin issue. It is usually women and older people who have to deal with this skin issue and common areas include under one’s breasts, neck and armpits. In short, skin folds are places you are most likely to observe these skin tags. They often occur, on account of weight gain.

A home treatment for this skin issue is the use of dental floss to cut off blood supply by winding it around the stalk. You can alternatively use a thing string, but the result should be the falling off of this skin tag. Apple cider vinegar, which is a favorite for treating skin problems, can also help with the skin tag by drying it out. In a similar manner other home remedies such as tea tree oil or castor oil may be used. It is important that you remain healthy and avoid weight gain to prevent this problem. For this reason, sensible food choices and proper eating habits should complement a healthy exercise regime. As a bonus, your skin will show the effects of your healthy choices. Not only this, but myriad health issues can be prevented by such good habits. Since chafing is an issue with skin tags, you might find it advisable to look for loose clothing as well as softer materials for clothes and innerwear. Remember that your doctor will be able to give you alternatives to remove such skin tags and this can be essential in case of larger skin tags. Usually, once you manage to get rid of them there is no fear of the return of these bumps, although they can crop up in other skin folds.

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