I sweat a lot and especially my head is always wet with it. What to do. kindly suggest.

Sweating is a natural bodily response although excessive sweating can be quite the social embarrassment. You pick the nicest outfit you have, take great pains to look well turned out and then those telltale sweat signs around the armpits and elsewhere can ruin an evening. Those stains on colored clothes caused by this problem are also difficult to get rid of. While underarm sweating is usually the main problem, it is pretty common to find that one's head is also drenched with sweat. Besides this, sweating is also common on other parts of the body, mostly the soles and palms. The problem of excessive sweating is such a widespread bane that scientist have studied the phenomenon and called it hyperhidrosis. This doesn't mean that every person who tends to sweat a lot has this condition. In any case, it is best to address a sweating problem as soon as possible, since excessive sweating can continue all through one's adult life. It is interesting to note that excessive sweating mostly affects pretty healthy people, even though it can be brought on by diseases and disorders. In some cases, a simple matter of heat, or something intangible like emotions can be the cause. However, this sweating problem is usually present at all times, for most sufferers. Before lightly dismissing your sweating problem, understand that hyperhidrosis is a very real problem and like any other problem, it demands your attention. If you go to your doctor now, you can discus comprehensive methods to tackle this sweating problem.

While treatment for hyperhidrosis typically is meted out in a stepwise manner, you will find these valuable home remedies useful. The herbal remedy, sage, has many uses including its application in cases of excessive sweating. An infusion of the sage leaf can really help your case. Phytosterols, contained in this leaf, is thought to be of use because of its cooling effect. Vinegar and water have been used as a topical application, when mixed in equal parts, for one's underarms. However, you should never apply such a lotion after a shave, since it will sting. As far as nutrition goes, besides a balanced diet, try to include zinc in your diet. In the meanwhile, maintaining impeccable cleanliness is vital. As mentioned before, hyperhidrosis is not a matter to be dismissed lightly. Do check with your doctor about different excessive sweating treatments, and what is best for you.

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