Missed Menstruation Due To Cyst: I am late and have cysts, am I pregnant or are the cysts blocking my period?

Missed menstruation causes

The presence of cysts presents a range of menstrual problems and other related problems. One of the subsequent results of cysts causes amenorrhea or the absence of menstruation. Cysts also pose a health hazard in the development of hormones. Since you mentioned that you have cysts, it seems to be a case of secondary amenorrhea. The reasons of secondary amenorrhea are varied; these may include pregnancy, sudden loss of weight, long term use of oral contraceptives, anorexia, cysts and tumors in the ovaries, imbalances in the hormones etc. in both the cases regarding amenorrhea including primary or secondary there is a dire need of medical intervention. Instances where breast feeding, pregnancy or cases related to oral contraception are physiological changes and these can be altered by the individual without medical treatment or doctor's advice. However in cases where there is cysts growth, secondary amenorrhea may lead to further complication. Hence it is advisable to understand what your medical practitioner has to say with regards to the treatment of cysts and the subsequent treatment of normalizing your menstruation cycle.

The removal of cysts needs complex treatment depending on the nature, growth and spread of the cysts. Your doctor will determine the type of tests you need to take before embarking on a specific course of treatment.

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Irregular menstruation causes

Irregular menstrual cycles can be caused by a variety of reasons like imbalance of hormones, amenorrhea, excessive stress, contraceptive use, and drug abuse. Cysts and pregnancy are not the only two reasons for a late period. If you feel that you might be pregnant then you can make sure by using an over-the-counter pregnancy test. These kits can be bought at your local pharmacy and are generally a safe way to determine if you're pregnant or not. If the test shows negative and you still have irregular periods, then the irregularity may be caused due to a recent sickness or a significant loss in weight. However if these factors are not relevant to your case, then you should visit a doctor.

Try eating a diet that contains less of refined carbohydrates and more of vitamins, magnesium, and calcium. Fish oil has also been found useful in treating irregularity. Avoid stress and anxiety as it has a direct impact on your physical well-being and hence your menstrual cycle. Indulge in regular exercise and relaxation as it helps maintain and regulate the proper functioning of the body. Though there is some evidence regarding ovarian cysts causing irregular and painful periods, it is not necessarily always the cause, and it is best that you seek advice from your gynaecologist to be sure.

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