Home remedies for itchy red bumps on top of feet

It is not very clear from your question what type of bumps these may be. For an appropriate diagnosis and remedy, it is necessary that the symptoms are described in more detail. There are a variety of reasons for which red itchy bumps may appear on the skin – some may be as common and simple as insect bites or allergies, while others may be as complicated and serious as carcinogenic lumps. Generally however, skin bumps should go away in due course of time with basic skin care. However, to ascertain the exact cause of these bumps and to initiate proper treatment, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist and ask for medical advice.

Since the description of your symptoms is not sufficient, we shall simply outline a few possible skin diseases that may have similar symptoms:

  • One of the most common skin diseases is atopic dermatitis, which is also commonly referred to as eczema. Eczema can cause red, inflamed, and itchy skin bumps and generally occurs at the folds of skin. This can mostly be cured by adopting proper hygiene and skin care methods.
  • The other most common skin disease is known as contact dermatitis and is generally the result of the skin’s reaction to certain allergens. The common symptoms are rashes or bumps with itchy inflamed skin. To treat this disease you will need to identify the allergens and keep away from them.  
  • Psoriasis is another skin disease that can show itchy bumps on the skin. The common cause of psoriasis is unusual build up of dead cells on the skin. No definite cure for this disease is available; treatment is mostly according to the symptoms.
  • Scabies, characterized by red bumps and intense itchy skin, is another common skin disease. Scabies is caused by a certain mite, and is usually a result of poor hygiene. Following proper medication and appropriate hygiene can easily treat scabies.

There may be several other forms of skin disease, and before proceeding with any treatment you will need to ascertain exactly what afflicts your boy. But irrespective of the type of skin disease, some basic skin care methods should be adopted. Always keep his skin clean and follow basic hygiene. Apply proper moisturizer to his skin daily so that the skin remains healthy. Keep him away from any substance that may seem to be a likely allergen – he may be allergic to certain clothes, foods, cosmetics, pollution, and certain drugs as well.

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