What to do for a dog bite

The first thing you need to know about a dog bite is whether the dog that bit you was immunized. Unimmunized dogs may carry the rabies virus and other infections, and such bites should be treated immediately in consultation with a doctor. Rabies is a dangerous and incurable disease, and therefore a dog bite should be investigated seriously at the earliest. If the dog that bit you has already been immunized and the bite is found to be minor, you should get the bitten area washed properly with antiseptic soap and water. Thereafter, apply an antibiotic cream and bandage the area properly. For deeper wounds, where you may need stitches, get in touch with a doctor immediately. Meanwhile, to stop the bleeding, you should press the area tightly with a clean and dry cloth. For any dog bite, it is advisable to get a tetanus injection. Usually, a tetanus injection remains effective for 10 years. However, at the time of the dog bite, if your last tetanus shot is found to be more than five years old, you are advised to take a booster shot, which must be taken within 48 hours of the dog bite.

Here are some other home remedies for dog bite. Apply a paste of mustard oil and red chili powder on the bitten area. You may also apply a paste prepared by grinding soaked cumin seeds with black pepper. Another home remedy for dog bite is to make a paste by grinding walnut, onion and salt. Mix this paste with honey, apply the paste on the bitten area, and bandage it with a clean cloth. A paste of garlic can also be applied as a remedy for dog bites. You can also sprinkle a bit of asafetida powder on the bitten area as a remedy.  These remedies will not protect you from rabies but they will prevent the wound from getting infecting.

You should also take some care to choose your diet so that the dog bite is healed properly. Ensure that you have plenty of Vitamin C and Vitamin B in your diet. Vitamin C helps fight infection and can be sourced from common citrus fruits like lime and orange. Vitamin B helps produce antibodies and can be sourced from lentils, bananas, and sea fishes.

It is also important to understand that enough precautionary measures should be taken to prevent dog bites. Always vaccinate the family dog on schedule, and teach everyone in the family how to behave with the pet. Small children should never be left alone with the pet, no matter what the temperament and size.

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